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Investigation continues in Roberta Miller murder case

November 10, 2010
After completing an autopsy last Wednesday, state officials confirmed that Roberta "Bobbie" Miller, 54, of 123 Country Club Road, was a victim of homicide.

Preliminary autopsy results from the Chief Medical Examiner show that her cause of death was a result of multiple gunshot wounds. Her dog was also found shot dead.

Miller's body was found on Monday, Nov. 1, after a 911 call was reported shortly after 5 p.m. from her home on Country Club Road in Gilford. The exact time and date of her death will not be confirmed until toxicology reports are in.

While investigators left the scene last Thursday evening, after four days of investigation at Miller's home, the State Police Major Crimes Unit continues to investigate.

Meanwhile, rumors are flying throughout the Lakes Region about this woman who had ties to Wolfeboro and had just finalized a three-year divorce process with her ex-husband Gary Miller.

New Hampshire Assistant Attorney General Benjamin Agati said after receiving preliminary results that there is no question Miller was intentionally murdered.

"This was definitely a homicide," said Agati, who had no other specifics. "The toxicology results will take about three to four weeks. That's a good chunk of time. A lot of things have to test out of state for lab results."

At this point, he said the investigation is no longer being held on the scene but a more thorough investigation into Miller's life is currently being conducted.

"Investigators are continuing rounds of interviews. They are looking at records and mail. People have been conversed with all week long and into the weekend," said Agati. "Close family members and friends are being interviewed, and also anyone she had come across just weeks before her death, anyone who may have spoken with her."

Agati said it seems Miller was most likely a personal target.

"When we first spoke with people (last Tuesday), we told them we had no specific information on a general threat to the public, and that they don't have to be especially weary – just to take the same precautions as they always do," he said.

The section of Country Club Road closed for a portion of last week opened as of last Thursday night, although it did cause some confusion for local drivers and residents of the road. Little public information at the time of the road closure also posed concerns for the town and the Gilford Board of Selectmen.

This road block and the many questions and concerns of residents sparked by rumors over the death of Miller prompted an email from Gilford Town Administrator Scott Dunn, addressing concerns of the public and of the Gilford Selectmen.

The letter released three days after Miller's body was found in her home was sent to Executive Councilor Ray Burton.

"Since the discovery of this situation by the Gilford Police Department on the afternoon of Monday, Nov. 1, we have had a section of a town road (i.e. public highway) closed and absolutely no public information has been disseminated by any state agencies. Frankly this conduct is baffling and unacceptable," wrote Dunn.

Dunn stated that elected officials and residents of Gilford had a right to know why a portion of Country Club Road was closed, and a clue to what may have happened to Miller.

Dunn wrote that in no way did the town want to disrupt or "compromise" the investigation, but he felt residents and officials were left in the dark.

"All of the state officials who are involved in this unfortunate set of circumstances need to remember that they are public servants who serve the people. And it is these people who deserve to know something about this crime, if in fact there has been a crime committed," wrote Dunn.

Agati said he did read Dunn's letter of concern and had spent much time at Gilford Town Hall working with the Gilford Police Department, but he did not realize there were such concerns on behalf of the town until the letter was sent.

Agati said after hearing these concerns, he met with Board of Selectmen Chair Kevin Hayes, and said now the town seems to be on the same page as the state.

He said the Gilford Police were up to date on all information from day one by the state police and described local police as a "fantastic" team to work with.

While rumors continue to pop up, one nugget of information in regards to a suspicious fire at a house in Acton, Maine, the legal property of Gary Miller, was confirmed and appears to be arson, although further investigation is needed by Maine's State Fire Marshal's Office.

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