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With one exception, Republicans prevail in all contests

Lynch wins fourth term statewide, but not in area towns

VOTER TURNOUT at the Wolfeboro polls on Tuesday, Nov. 2, was heavy but steady. Overall in the county the turnout ranged from 47 to 57 percent (Elissa Paquette photo) (click for larger version)
November 04, 2010
REGION — It was an election to remember for Republicans and one to forget for Democratic candidates. In area towns served by this newspaper not a single Democratic candidate survived Tuesday's balloting, including Governor John Lynch, who managed to win a fourth term in statewide balloting.

Even incumbents, such as County Attorney Robin Gordon and Carroll County Commissioner Chip Albee, were swept from office.

In the Governor's race, Lynch lost to John Stephen by 1,476 to 1,623 in Wolfeboro, by 561 to 667 in Tuftonboro, by 172 to 184 in Brookfield, and by 748 to 989 in Wakefield. In countywide voting, Lynch squeaked by Stephen on a margin of 157 votes, 9,964 to Stephen's 9,807, due to winning most towns in the northern part of the county, especially Conway, where he pulled ahead of Stephen 1,816 to 1,365.

In the race for the U.S. Senate seat, Kelly Ayotte prevailed in every town in the county, north to south, usually by large margins. The only place where Paul Hodes came close was in Sandwich, where he lost 403 to 406. The margins in area towns were 2,034 to 1,023 in Wolfeboro, 852 to 361 in Tuftonboro, 238 to 119 in Brookfield and 1,249 to 456 in Wakefield.

The race for U.S. Representative for the First District was closer, but Frank Guinta won Carroll County overall by a vote of 10,153 to Carol Shea-Porter's 7,991. Shea-Porter won in seven towns (Albany, Bartlett, Conway, Eaton, Jackson, Madison and Sandwich), gaining her largest margin in Conway (1,618 to 1,476). Guinta prevailed everywhere else, in Wolfeboro by a margin of 1,812 to 1,214, in Tuftonboro by 744 to 448, in Brookfield by 204 to 142, and in Wakefield by 1,096 to 571.

In the race for State Senate District 3, Jeb Bradley comfortably defeated fellow Wolfeboro resident Beverly Woods, by a county margin of 11,436 to 6,158 in an incomplete tally. She did not win in any town that reported results at press time. In Wolfeboro the margin was 2,117 to 982, in Tuftonboro 868 to 355, in Brookfield 242 to 120 and in Wakefield 1,223 to 496.

In N.H. House races, Republicans prevailed in all area contests. In District 4, which includes Wolfeboro, Tuftonboro and Moultonborough, Republican incumbents Chris Ahlgren, Dave Knox, Betsey Patten and newcomer Steve Schmidt had little trouble overcoming Democratic challengers Gary Chehames, Louise Graham and John White. In Wolfeboro, Dave Knox was the top vote getter at 2,017 votes, followed by Ahlgren with 1,772, Patten with 1,747 and Schmidt with 1,672. By contrast, Graham was the top Democratic contender with 1128 votes, followed by White with 988 votes and Chehames with 936. In Tuftonboro Knox again topped the field with 757 votes, followed by Patten with 714, Ahlgren with 691 and Schmidt with 631. The top Democratic candidate in Tuftonboro was resident Chehames with 424 votes, followed by Graham with 385 and White with 343.

In District 5, which includes Brookfield, Effingham and Wakefield, incumbent Republicans Joe Fleck and Dino Scala easily defeated Democratic challengers Jeff Ballard and Martha Pike. Pike lost in her hometown of Brookfield where she gained only 135 votes vs. 213 for Scala, 198 for Fleck and 125 for Ballard. In Wakefield the results were Scala 1,186, Fleck 1,110, Pike 455 and Ballard 446. Results were closer in Effingham, but the Republicans still came out on top with Fleck winning 274 votes, Scala 263, Pike 220 and Ballard 206.

In the Carroll County races, Republicans came out ahead in all contests. Incumbent Sheriff Chris Conley survived a challenge by Domenic Richardi on an overall county vote of 10,046 to 9,139. Richardi, however, did win in 12 towns (Albany, Bartlett, Chatham, Conway, Eaton, Effingham, Freedom, Jackson, Madison, Ossipee, Sandwich and Tamworth). Conley drew his largest support from his hometown of Wolfeboro, where he bested Richardi 2,106 to 878. Richardi returned the compliment in Conway, where he prevailed 2,016 to 1,082.

Incumbent Democratic County Attorney Robin Gordon lost to Republican challenger Tom Dewhurst by a county margin of 8,072 to 9,702. She won only six towns (Conway, Eaton, Effingham, Jackson, Madison and Sandwich.

Incumbent Democratic County Commissioner Chip Albee, who had just been named County Commissioner of the Year, lost to Republican challenger Asha Kenney by a margin of 8,720 to 9,902. Albee won in nine towns (Albany, Bartlett, Conway, Eaton, Effingham, Jackson, Madison, Sandwich and Tamworth), not including his hometown of Tuftonboro, where he lost by a margin of 544 votes to Kenney's 625, or in Wolfeboro, where he lost 1,286 to 1626.

Republican Jack Widmer of Tuftonboro won the County Treasurer race over Democrat Maureen Westrick-Forbes by a county margin of 11,086 to 7,039. Westrick-Forbes won only three towns (Conway, Eaton and Sandwich) by narrow margins.

Incumbent Republican Register of Probate Gail Monet easily defeated Democratic challenger Ruth Hall by a county vote of 11,973 to 6,476. Hall did not win in any of 17 towns reporting.

County Commissioner Dave Sorensen and County Register of Deed Ann Aiton, both incumbent Republicans, ran unopposed.

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