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Old Man Memorial step closer to completion

A worker unloads granite blocks at the site of the Old Man of The Mountain Memorial, on the shores of Profile Lake in Franconia Notch, lasst week. Art McGrath. (click for larger version)
November 03, 2010
FRANCONIA—He may be gone but a memorial to the Old Man of the Mountain took a concrete—well, granite—step towards completion last week.

Nine granite blocks were delivered to the site of the memorial along the shores of Profile Lake last Thursday. Two of the 2,000 pound blocks are end blocks, while the remaining seven are bases for metal "profilers," large pieces of metal that when looked at from a certain angle will show how the famous rock face looked when up on the mountain high above the lake.

The stones are made of Concord Granite and came from and were delivered by Swenson Granite, of Concord.

Dick Hamilton, of the Old Man Legacy Fund, said that they hope to have two of the profilers—a tall and a short one—installed and ready for viewing by the time snow flies. He admitted that with snow in the forecast it was an optimistic prediction but hoped that at least by the time winter truly sets in the two pieces would be in place.

The profilers are the next major step in the memorial to the former state symbol. The next, and far more expensive step will be setting up five giant granite blocks around 120 tons each.

When lined up these blocks will create the effect of looking at the Old Man.

Originally the entire memorial was to cost around $5 million and be completed by May 2008 but the fundraising goals were never met. Hamilton and the others are trying to install the memorial a little bit at a time hoping to drum up interest—and more donations.

The memorial is being paid for entirely with private funds.

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