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Tilton selectman steps down, then reconsiders

November 03, 2010
TILTON — Norm Boudreau surprised his fellow selectmen by resigning at the end of their meeting Thursday, citing personal reasons that would prevent him from serving not only on the board but also on both the Energy and Recycling Committees. On Saturday, he asked to rescind that resignation.

In a prepared statement Boudreau said Thursday night that he could no longer serve on boards and committees in town as it was becoming too difficult to meet his necessary commitments to town business, conduct his personal affairs and still have time for a family life as well. After the meeting Boudreau said his time on the select board had been a most rewarding experience, one he would love to return to one day if situations allowed.

"If given the opportunity I would come back and do it all again," he said on Friday.

That opportunity came much sooner than he anticipated. Boudreau called board members on Saturday to tell them he would like to be reinstated to his former positions within the town.

"I was able to (work things out) where I could devote the time that's needed for my commitments and so I've asked to withdraw my resignation," Boudreau said.

Later that same day Chairman Pat Consentino said she was relieved to hear Boudreau wanted to stay on the board, saying she thought they had a "good team of people" and was glad Boudreau wanted to continue.

In order to meet legal requirements, the selectmen called an emergency meeting for Monday morning to take an official vote on the matter.

"Because he initially did submit a resignation we have to go through the proper legal steps to keep him in his position, but we're all glad he wants to stay on," Consentino said Saturday.

Consentino said she understood how the position of selectman can be very difficult at times. The job takes "countless hours," and it is not always easy to juggle town responsibilities and a personal life too.

"It's a tremendous burden and does have an impact on our lives. People wouldn't believe the amount of work it takes and the amount of time we all invest as selectmen, but that's what we signed up for and we love it," she said.

Boudreau, Consentino and Sandra Plessner were all elected to their positions in March of 2009, joining David Wadleigh and Katherine Dawson on Tilton's select board. Had Boudreau decided to go through with his withdrawal, Consentino said the decision to fill the position temporarily or leave it vacant until the next elections in March would have been discussed by the board this week.

She reported Monday evening that the vote that day was unanimous to keep Boudreau in his elected seat and business will go on as usual.

"We made a motion to un-accept his resignation, which was then voted on, and we were all glad he could remain a part of the board," said Consentino.

Boudreau declined further comment as to why he had changed his mind, saying only that he was happy things worked out so that he could complete his term.

"I'm happy and honored to continue serving the citizens and taxpayers of Tilton," he said.

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