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DOT, selectmen discuss Busy Corner intersection

November 02, 2010
ALTON — The Alton Board of Selectmen met on Monday, Nov. 1, with only three members in attendance, David Hussey, Peter Bolster and Loring Carr.

With a limited attendance, the board felt any important issues deserving a vote would be tabled until the next meeting.

Members of the New Hampshire Department of Transportation gave their findings after investigating traffic issues at Busy Corner in Alton Bay. Busy Corner is where Rand Hill Road meets Route 11 near the Alton Bay Post Office.

Several suggestions were brought to the table including a three-way stop, replacing the warning signs and bringing the yellow lines further up on the road to illustrate proper turning procedures.

Bolster brought up the main concern at Busy Corner.

"The real issue is with traffic going up Rand Hill Road, knowing that they need to stop before they turn," Bolster said.

Carr brought up a suggestion to place rumble strips on the center-line. Bolster further suggested using strips similar to the sides of a highway, where the marks are indented into the pavement and they wouldn't affect plowing during the winter months.

Members of the DOT agreed to take suggestions from the board and come back with further findings in the coming months.

John Dever, the building inspector, brought forward a proposal to firm up how the board of selectmen will deal with waiver applications in the future.

Dever suggested a couple bodies of water, Coffin Brook and Mill Pond that are currently not protected in the Shoreline Protection Act.

Dever will make further edits on the wording of the document and bring it back to board for a vote in the very near future.

The issue of repairing the firehouse roof and laying down a new cement apron was discussed by the board. There was some debate by the board whether the measurements of 80 feet by 30 feet by six inches is appropriate for the apron.

The board asked Dever to look into the issue of building the apron. Their main concern is that six inches deep wouldn't be deep enough to prevent the cement from cracking due to frost.

Issues at Echo Point Road were brought up by Town Administrator Russell Bailey.

There has been discussion of eliminating the Y intersection and creating a T. Bailey said he has been getting calls from residents objecting to the changes.

Barbara Howard, a resident, discussed the issue of the not having proper trash receptacles during the winter months near the lake for events like the Winter Carnival.

The board of selectmen will hold its next meeting on Monday, Nov. 15, at 6 p.m. at the Alton Town Hall.

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