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Campaign signs cause fuss at commission meeting

October 21, 2010
OSSIPEE — State Representative candidate David Babson wants whoever is stealing political signs to knock it off. He also wants candidates to avoid putting their signs on county property along Route 28.

Babson, of Ossipee, is running as a Republican for seat on House District Three. He brought his concerns to the county commission on Oct. 13. Babson attends almost every county commission meeting. He would be on the county delegation if elected. The delegation is a group of 14 state representatives who approve the bottom line county budget.

He began by asking commissioners why there were still signs on county property on Route 28 when he asked to have them removed at the previous meeting on Oct. 6.

Commissioner Chip Albee replied that last week he instructed Farm Supervisor Will DeWitte to pick them up. The county property on Route 28 runs approximately from County Farm Road to the Wolfeboro town line. Albee said he understands why people get upset with the sign litter that clutters the highway.

"It becomes a sign war and meaningless," said Albee.

DeWitte said he took six or eight signs down that day but even more signs have come in to replace the ones that were removed.

"They just keep growing," said DeWitte who added he's storing the signs in a shed.

Commissioner Dorothy Solomon changed topic. She referenced a letter to the editor in the Conway Daily Sun accusing Democrats of stealing or damaging signs. She told Babson that the Democratic Party hasn't conspired to steal Republican signs.

But Babson said he believes individual Democrats are stealing them because their signs aren't disappearing as quickly.

"Unless it's the Republicans pulling off a pretty good dirty trick, you'd have to say maybe Democrats are taking down 60 or 70 signs down Route 16," said Babson. "They took my sign down, threw it in the grass, and they took the wire stand and crumpled it so I couldn't use it again."

Albee replied it's a bipartisan problem because Democrats have also had their signs taken.

County Watchdog Maureen Spencer said she saw a sign on someone's yard that said "Stop stealing our signs."

Babson said fellow Republican candidate for House District Three, Harry Merrow, of Ossipee, had signs stolen right off his yard.

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