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With Boyce stepping down, Millham agrees to run again

October 20, 2010
After serving five terms as a New Hampshire state representative, Alida Millham of Gilford thought her retirement days were in sight until a spot on the ballot suddenly opened up.

Laurie Boyce of Alton has announced that she will step down as state representative from District 5, which includes Gilford, Belmont, Alton and Barnstead. She plans to move to Concord, and to register to vote in Concord as well.

"It looks as though Laurie Boyce has resigned from the House and dropped out," said Millham on Monday, shortly getting the news. "If she doesn't register to vote, and instead registers to vote in Concord, which I suspect, she will be disqualified and I will be put on the ballot."

Millham said while at first she had decided not to run, as elections continued on she wondered whether she should have sought re-election after all. When the opportunity arose, Millham said it initially took her by surprise, but she was more than ready to start a quick campaign. Millham said she plans to step up to the bat.

"I decided I could do one more term. I have been a state representative for five terms. The first two terms were just for Gilford and the last three involved surroundings areas and were conglomerate," said Millham.

While Millham was not officially on the ballot until the last week, she keeps up with current issues in the state and said she will share a focus with most other candidates running for seats in the House.

"My focus will be on jobs and the economy, and really promoting a better atmosphere and to get things done," said Millham.

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