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Proposed road improvements for 2011 announced

October 07, 2010
WOLFEBORO — Public Works Director Dave Ford submitted a list of seven town roads to be worked on in 2011 to the Board of Selectmen at their Sept. 15 meeting.

The list was prepared as part of the budgeting process for next year. Since 2005 the town has prepared a separate warrant article for improvements to town roads. For the first four years the amount requested was $400,000. After an evaluation of the condition of town roads last year showed there were more roads needing major work than had been assumed, the appropriation was raised to $550,000 in 2010.

Ford's list totals $550,000 for 2011. Most notably it includes a mile of Forest Road, the subject of a number of recent complaints by residents. The town has also received complaints about Stoddard and North Wolfeboro Roads in North Wolfeboro: paving of those two roads is planned for this month.

The seven roads and the work proposed on them for next year are as follows:

1) Bay Street, from the boat storage to Pine Hill Road. Apply 2,600 feet of final paving ($32,940 estimated cost).

2) Forest Road. Improve drainage and shoulders, and shim/repave 5,250 feet with a 1.75 inch overlay ($116,510).

3) School Street (all 520 feet), Glendon Street (600 feet) and Lehner Street (900 feet). Part of drainage and water project: apply a 2 inch base pavement and rebuild 340 feet of sidewalks not included in the Safe Routes to School project connecting Carpenter School and Foss Field ($97,000).

4) Springfield Point Road. Improve shoulders and shim/repave 4,987 feet with a 1.5 inch overlay ($81,000).

5) Hemlock Drive. Improve drainage and shim/repave 2,265 feet with a 1.5 inch overlay ($38,400).

6) Waumbec Road. Improve drainage and shoulders, and shim/repave 6,600 feet with a 1.5 inch overlay.

7) College Road, from Bryant Road to Cotton Mountain Road. Heavy shim/repave 5,250 feet with 1.75 inch overlay ($91,750).

The Bay Street project is the final phase of road improvements begun two years ago, and the College Road project will pick up where it is scheduled to stop this fall.

Ford's report also included an estimate for drainage work and repaving of 8,500 feet of Pleasant Valley Road, another problem road. That t

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