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Region escapes serious damage from ex-tropical storm

October 07, 2010
LITTLETON- It could have been a lot worse. That is the sentiment echoed across the region following two days of downpour that had people eyeing rivers, ponds, and brooks cautiously last week. With at least four inches of rain, the former tropical storm closed 20 roads across the state, mostly in the northern region, and warranted a statewide flood warning on Friday.

"We're just fortunate that the storm gave us an opportunity to drain some of the water built up," said Littleton Fire Chief Joe Mercieri. Mercieri said an unanticipated lull in the storm combined with an early departure and modest winds saved the town from potentially serious damage.

Still, the town did not escape consequence. The fire department called in all their personnel to respond to the uptick in calls received from the public, stepping into gear to monitor the storm, check on reports of flooding, and relay information to the highway department and Littleton Water and Light. "The system was taxed to the max," said Mercieri.

"We've seen flooding in areas that we've never seen flooding before," added Mercieri. In addition to flooding on Broomstick Hill Road, Old Whitefield Road, and Gary's Drive at the intersection of Pleasant Street and Mann's Hill, several other streets sustained damage. "Road access is critical," said Mercieri, as it's how emergency vehicles get around town. Shaw's and Walmart's access roads were some of the hardest hit, with Shaw's access road submerged in between a foot to 18 inches of water, said Mercieri.

There were no reports of buildings sustaining damage, said Mercieri, and only one person had to be evacuated from their home.

Littleton wasn't the only town affected. Sugar Hill saw flooding that shut down Route 117 by Polly's Pancake Parlor, as well as several other routes.

Over in Lisbon, the river crested six feet above its normal level, said Lisbon Town Administrator Regan Pride, but damages were contained to a few flooded basement and roads.

West Street, down by the town's baseball field was closed. Walker Hill Road, which has sustained damage in the past due to flooding was hit again, but road crews worked on Friday and Saturday to repair any problems.

"I think we got lucky," said Pride.

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