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Morbid Mountain returns with some frightful changes

Teenagers run for their lives after being chased out of The Morgue, one of three new scares at Gunstock’s Morbid Mountain this year. Lauren Tiner. (click for larger version)
October 06, 2010
The leaves are changing, and so is the scenery at Gunstock Mountain, from green hills and picturesque hiking trails to eerie woods and a gruesome morgue.

It is that time of year again for a good scare, and that's exactly what Gunstock's Morbid Mountain Halloween Screamfest, filled with three new haunted houses, aims to do. Attractions this year include The Morgue, Blackout, and Nightmare Knoll. These three scares even make horror flick enthusiasts feel as though they are being watched, or followed.

During opening night last Saturday, Gunstock Director of Marketing Bill Quigley said, numbers already appeared to be higher. Right before the attraction opened, guest services was bombarded with inquiries about the attraction.

"We have had a steady opening," Quigley said Saturday night.

Prices were kept at $15 this year, which he also predicts will bring in large numbers. He expects to see teens this year more than any other age group, because the facility has aimed to give teens a place to hang out and have fun in a season where the Lakes Region seems to wind down.

"There is nothing for 13 to 17 year olds to do. It gets repetitive and the goal is to give kids off the lake something to do. They can come out for an hour and have fun with their friends," said Quigley. "That's what this is all about. It is designed for kids this age. They have a blast and it is good for friends, dates, and teens."

Attractions are meant for those 12 and older, although parents may use their discretion.

A few things have changed this year due to construction and public requests.

Nightmare Knoll, the walk in the woods, had to be altered this year due to bridge construction at the main road access of Gunstock. For safety reasons in the same area, the popular haunted hay ride has been nixed this year.

Quigley said they tried for four or five days to figure out a new configuration for the hayride, but there was no guaranteed safe way to transport the hayride back and forth on the facility grounds.

Nightmare Knolls will now take a different path, although pedestrians may want to watch their backs as they meet frantic campers along the way, among other guests.

Last year's Hospital of Horrors was changed to The Morgue this year, but visitors can expect the same creepy characters, along within an examining room and a couple more surprises.

Walkers may assume they are safe after leaving The Morgue, but their visit is not quite over until residents of the haunted house say it's over.

Another haunted house designed as an indoor maze is called Blackout for a reason, considering it is pitch black throughout much of the maze, with little to guide the way, except for distant, or close by, voices.

Those brave enough to walk through the mazes and take a nice stroll through the woods will be happily greeted by an interesting character of sorts at each front door who will show them the way in, although there is no guarantee these brave souls will find their way out.

The Morbid Mountain Halloween Screamfest will be held on Friday and Saturday evenings from 7 to 10:30 p.m. during the month of October as well as Sunday, Oct. 10.

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