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Minnesota Gov. to speak at Burton fundraiser

October 06, 2010
WHITEFIELD — The next Presidential Primary season will soon start in Cos County, at least for Republicans.

A sitting governor — Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty — who is testing the waters as to whether to officially declare himself in the race for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012 will speak on Saturday evening, Oct. 16, at a fundraiser for District I Executive Councilor Ray Burton, a Republican of Bath, at the Mountain View Grand's clubhouse.

Gov. Pawlenty decided last year not to run for another term in the Corner Office. Speculation was immediately sparked that he would consider running for the presidency, and he has announced that he is doing just that.

This will be his fifth trip to the Granite State to get the lay of the political landscape. He appeared at two fundraisers — a breakfast and a dinner — on Thursday, Sept. 30, for gubernatorial candidate John Stephen and at a luncheon that same day for GOP 1st Congressional District candidate Frank Guinta.

The 49-year-old governor was among those on the short list of possible running mates for Senator John McCain of Arizona in his 2008 race. Instead, Sen. McCain reached even further north and plucked Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska from relative obscurity.

Writer, blogger, and political commentator Matt Lewis, who is based in Alexandria, Va., pointed out a short time ago, that Gov. Pawlenty had become slightly more popular in Minnesota than President Barack Obama, who carried the state by 10 points in 2008.

A new Minnesota Public Radio-News-Humphrey Institute poll that was released on Thursday, Sept. 30, had even more surprising results, however.

The poll indicated that if either former Gov. Palin or U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann were at the head of the 2012 Republican ticket, President Obama would win by at least 20 percentage points.

But if the GOP nominee were either Gov. Pawlenty or former Bay State Gov. Mitt Romney, the race in Minnesota would be much closer: Gov. Romney would be within seven points of President Obama, and Gov. Pawlenty, nine.

Tickets for the 6 p.m. Friends of Ray Burton event are $75 each (telephone 747-3662).

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