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New car washing coming to Ossipee

Facility features state-of-the-industry contained drainage tank

September 22, 2010
OSSIPEE — The Planning Board granted conditional approval on Sept. 7 for a new three-bay car wash on Route 16.

The plan, submitted by White Mountain Survey President Jim Rines on behalf of his client, APB 760 LLC (Alice Barber), the entity that owns the 29-acre commercially zoned property, was modified to feature a state of the art so-called "closed" drainage system. Rines explained a closed system collects the used water and solvents into a large tank, in this case about 5,000 gallons, then trucks the dirty water off-site as opposed to draining the used water into a septic system.

At the Sept. 7 meeting, members of the town conservation commission and the Green Mountain Conservation Group shared information with planning board members about water monitoring at Frenchman's Brook that abuts the proposed site. GMCG Tara Schroeder explained that monitoring at the brook indicated elevated salt levels. She later explained the brook has also tested for sodium and chloride, the result of road salt runoff as well as salt piles located upstream. Sodium and chloride could impair drinking water, she stated, and the proposed site is primary recharge for groundwater (drinking water) in the area. In follow up comments after the meeting, Schroeder said it was encouraging to that the developers made an alternative plan to include a closed system and not inject wastewater in to the ground at the site, but rather have the wastewater taken off site and then treated.

Rines said the original plan was for the car wash water to drain into a filtration system and from there into ground saturation. As the discussion progressed during the Sept. 7 meeting, the board was going to recommend that the application be continued to the Sept. 21 meeting, but as an agent for the project, Rines asked for conditional approval for a closed tank system, pending any other state approvals. Approval for a discharge drainage system would have necessitated additional state permits and a hydrological study.

"The applicant wanted to get in and break ground as soon as possible," said Planning Board Chair Bill Grover after the meeting. When the plans were changed to a closed drainage system, the board felt a fully contained system did not necessitate a hydrological study. It was noted that the M&V car wash in West Ossipee also utilizes a closed drainage tank system.

The planning board anticipated signing off on the plans at its Tuesday night meeting (Sept. 21.)

The proposed car wash, to be built at the site of Moose on the Loose coffee vendor and a consignment shop, will be 50-by-60 square feet with three bays, two self-serve and one automatic.

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