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Community embraces fundraisers for a good cause

September 22, 2010
Locals came out in full force Sunday to show their support for two individuals battling cancer.

Two separate fundraisers were held Sunday, one for Dave Coble of Belmont, a Gunstock employee, and one for Gilford Middle School eighth grader Bryce Hanover.

The fundraiser for Coble, a grounds manager at the Gunstock facility for over 19 years, was held at Patrick's Pub in Gilford on Sunday evening, Climb for Cure was held at Gunstock in the earlier hours for Hanover. Many in the community decided to devote their day to supporting both events.

Despite football games, fall festivals, and other various events on a busy Sunday afternoon and evening, both fundraisers reported a great response from the community.

Patrick's Pub Manager Ken Brady said the Dave Coble fundraiser had a "fantastic" turnout.

Fifty percent of all dinner proceeds that night will aid Coble's family in helping him overcome stage-four lung cancer. Coble's family has said they are grateful for all the community and especially Gunstock employees have done for Coble, his wife, and their two sons.

"I'm not sure of the exact proceeds but there are a lot of generous people out there. We had a good reaction from the community; people were glad we did it," said Brady.

Brady said that with the Climb for Cure being held earlier in the day for Hanover, many people made it a point to hike up the mountain and then refuel at Patrick's Pub to benefit both events.

Sharon Wells, coordinator of the first annual Climb for Cure at Gunstock, said many of her participants were eager to join in on the Patrick's Pub fundraiser later in the day.

"The climb was unbelievable," said Wells, who reported over 100 participants Sunday morning and afternoon. "We had a variety of people from hikers, to people within the community, people to support Bryce (Hanover), and people who have done my adventure program."

She said it happened to be the perfect day weather wise for a hike, and Hanover himself climbed up the mountain, despite his battle with leukemia.

"We also put names on white flags and carried them up the mountain. They were names of people who either had or have cancer," said Wells.

Wells said she plans to hold another climb next year but may wait a week or two longer next time for more foliage to show. She also attributed some of the fundraisers' success to the fact that they are not the typical run or race, but more social events.

"It's different from other fundraising events. You can socialize, eat and enjoy the great weather," said Wells. "There were so many other events going on; we are glad people took time out of their day to come by."

A couple of live bands also played at the event, including "Back Talk," a group of Gilford eighth graders, and "Casual Labor" of Alton.

Businesses such as Eastern Mountain Sports, Hannaford, Sal's Pizza, Pike Industries, Laconia Savings Bank, Patrick's Pub, Stonybrook Farm, New England Carpenters Union, and more sponsored and donated food to the event.

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