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At TMCC Nature Learning Center, Sept. 16

State Of N.H. Birds with N.H. Audubon Society's Dr. Pamela Hunt

September 17, 2010
Hunt will review her report prepared for the New Hampshire Fish and Game, "State of New Hampshire's Birds." The report is a summary of population trends for all of New Hampshire's breeding birds, totaling 186 species. Hunt compiled data from numerous bird count surveys throughout the state and the broader Northeast region. The report found that 42 New Hampshire bird species are increasing in number, most notably raptors including bald eagles, peregrine falcons and ospreys. 27 species showed stable populations, and 65 species are showing significant declines, including the New Hampshire state bird, the purple finch, which has shown a 50 percent decline since 1966.

Dr. Hunt, in a press conference announcing the report's release, went on to say that New Hampshire's state bird is expected to be largely gone from the state within 50 years as its range moves northward, possibly in response to a warming climate. This is a great opportunity to meet Dr. Hunt first hand as she addresses what individuals can do to help protect bird populations including land protection measures, and volunteering to collect data on bird populations by working with conservation groups.

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Martin Lord Osman
Brewster Academy
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