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Post replacement project complete at Constitution Park

September 16, 2010
OSSIPEE — Repairs to the town's Constitution Park boardwalk are now complete, making for a sturdier and safer walk along the 1,800-foot structure.

Town Parks and Recreation Director Peter Waugh, who successfully applied for the $8,050 federal grant that paid for the repairs, said the boardwalk that leads to the lake is widely used. "This is a great asset for the town. The trail gets used a lot by people seeking access to the lake. It's great for people with ambulatory issues … the boardwalk makes it easier to get down there," he said.

JB Construction of Ossipee won the bid for the project which entailed pulling out 103 rotten red oak posts and replacing them with freshly cut red oak logs harvested from town property and transported by the town's Public Works Department under the supervision of Director Brad Harriman.

Waugh said the money was made available through the state Bureau of Trails, the agency that distributed the federal funds earmarked for trail repairs, maintenance and development. The funds come from registration fees for snowmobiles, all-terrain and off-road vehicles.

The land for the park was first donated to the town in 1979, and the construction of the park, which includes the boardwalk, baseball fields and tennis courts, as well as a 1.3-mile hiking trail, was completed in 1997. Waugh said the town maintains the park and boardwalk, but in the past few years noticed the posts holding up the boardwalk were rotting away. Last January, Waugh wrote the successful grant request and the town received just over $8,000 to replace the posts on the aging boardwalk.

"The work improves the safety of the boardwalk a great deal – you don't have to worry about a section collapsing because its rotting way," he said, adding that the work was done completely with hand tools, and a lot of physical labor. On the upside, Waugh said the old posts came up more easily than anticipated.

"They did the job in a week," said Waugh.

The town didn't need any special permits from the state wetlands bureau or anything because the project sought to replace existing posts, he added.

He credited the town highway department and Harriman for doing a lot of work on the project, like cutting the logs and bringing them to the location.

Come on down and see the finished project. He said trail maps are available at town hall and the recreation department building and on the department's web site. Dogs are not allowed on the hiking trail. The trail offers superb autumn season views of the Ossipee Mountains, White Mountains and Green Mountain, he said.

Martin Lord Osman
Brewster Academy
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