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Locals like Stephen, Lynch and Mahoney

Lamontagne wins Alton, New Durham; Ayotte takes Barnstead in tight US Senate race

September 15, 2010
REGION — Republican voters cast the majority of the votes in Tuesday's Primary, with a number of key races at the top of the ballot drawing around 25 percent of the registered voters to the polls in the local towns.

John Stephen easily outdistanced his opponents in the Republican gubernatorial primary and was declared the winner early in the night.

Local voters also gave Stephen the nod. In Alton he picked up 492 votes to Jack Kimball's 320. Karen Testerman (68) and Frank Emiro (33) finished distant third and fourth. In Barnstead, Stephen easily outpaced Kimball 286 to 191. Testerman (48) and Emiro (12) trailed. In New Durham, Stephen received 182 votes to defeat Kimball, who polled 148. Testerman (23) and Emiro (12) trailed far behind.

The other two major races on the ballot raged on into the night on Tuesday, with Ovide Lamontagne and Kelly Ayotte battling for the chance to face off with Rep. Paul Hodes in the race for a US Senate seat and Frank Guinta, Richard Ashooh and Sean Mahoney all in the running for the GOP nod to face off with US Rep. Carol Shea-Porter in the First Congressional District.

Local voters, like those across the state, were split in their allegiances in the US Senate race. Alton voters preferred Lamontagne over Ayotte by a tally of 428 to 315. Bill Binnie (115) and Jim Bender (100) finished third and fourth respectively. In Barnstead, Ayotte bested Lamontagne by 20 votes, 230 to 210. Binnie was third with 66 and Bender picked up 40 votes. New Durham voters had Lamontagne barely edging Ayotte by a tally of 141 to 138. The other contenders lagged far behind, with Binnie receiving 51 votes and Bender picking up 46.

For the First Congressional District, all three towns went with Mahoney, though Guinta led the way statewide into the night. He won Alton with 302 votes, with Ashooh finishing second with 238 and Guinta finishing third with 234. Mahoney earned the most favor with Barnstead voters, as he picked up 161 votes. Guinta was next with 148, followed by Ashooh with 133. Mahoney was the choice of 118 New Durham voters, with Guinta picking up 101 votes. Ashooh was third with 84 votes.

One of the hotly-contested local races was the battle for the State Senate District Four nomination, with three contenders on the ballot. Jim Forsythe topped the ballot in Barnstead (333) and Alton (497) and was second in New Durham with 120 votes. New Durham Selectman David Bickford won his hometown with 206 votes. He finished second in Barnstead with 113 votes and was third in Alton with 179 votes. George Hurt finished second in Alton with 215 votes, but trailed behind in Barnstead (53) and New Durham (37). Results from other towns in the district were not available, but among The Baysider's three towns, Forsythe (950) led Bickford (498) and Hurt (305). The winner will face Andrew Hosmer, who ran unopposed on the Democratic ticket.

Barnstead and New Durham voters also had a choice on the Executive Council District Two race. In Barnstead, Jim Adams was the top vote getter with 291, followed by Peter Spaulding with 118. Dan St. Hilaire followed with 95 votes. In New Durham, Spaulding was the top finisher with 113 votes, with Adams finishing second with 102 votes. St. Hilaire was third with 91.

Barnstead Republicans also had a three-way race for Delegate to the State Convention. Elaine Swinford was the top finisher, picking up 292 votes to Alan Glassman's 131 and Jan Face Glassman's 45.

Alton Republican voters had a two-way race for County Commissioner, with Stephen Nedeau outpolling R.A. Grenier 445 to 257.

The Belknap County District Five State Representative race on the Republican side featured eight candidates for seven spots on the November ballot. Voters in Belmont and Gilford also voted in this race.

Jeff St. Cyr led the charge with 1,464 votes. He was the top finisher in Alton with 590 votes. Laurie Boyce was second with 1,419 and was second in Alton with 518 votes and second in Gilford with 275 votes. Guy Comtois was third with 1,343 votes. Swinford was fourth with 1,324 votes and won Barnstead with 320 tallies. Robert Malone was next with 1,320 votes. Peter Bolster was sixth with 1,287 votes and won Belmont with 376 tallies. James "Doc" Pilliod was seventh with 1,206 votes and won Gilford with 277 votes. Katherine Bungert was eighth with 1,098 and won't be on the November ballot. (EDITOR'S NOTE: These numbers were not complete. We apologize for the miscalculations and will have final numbers if they become available for next week's issue. It does appear, however, that the seven top candidates on this list will be the seven on November's ballot.)

New Durham Republicans had nine candidates for eight slots on the ballot for State Representative (Strafford – District Three). The top overall vote-getter in New Durham was Carol Vita, who garnered 201 votes. Bill O'Connor and Lou Vita each picked up 194 votes, while Sam Cataldo was chosen on 189 ballots. Joseph Pitre (173), Robbie Parson (152), William Panek (146) and David Mincin (142) all earned New Durham's nod, while Martin Harty (135) was the ninth-place finisher. Results from other towns in the district were not available.

The remainder of the races on the Republican ballots in all three towns were uncontested.


There were very few contested races on the Democratic ballot in all three towns.

Gov. John Lynch easily won the chance to compete for a fourth term, besting competitors Frank Sullivan and Tim Robertson. In Barnstead, Gov. Lynch led the way with 104 votes, followed by Sullivan (23) and Robertson (10). In New Durham, Gov. Lynch easily outdistanced the competition, earning 80 votes to seven for Sullivan and two for Robertson. In Alton, Lynch earned 116 votes, while Robertson and Sullivan polled in the single digits.

The only other contested race on the Barnstead ballot was for County Commissioner, where Ronald Cormier outpolled Andrew Livernois, 76 to 33.

In New Durham, the only other contested race was for Register of Probate, where Kimberly Wood received 58 votes and Patty Maciolek Cole received 25 votes.

Alton Democrats had no other contested races.

All seven Democratic candidates for State Representative (Belknap District Five) will appear on the November ballots in Alton and Barnstead. They are George Condodemetraky, Bill Johnson (top finisher in Alton and Barnstead), Ellen McClung, Don Morin Jr., Johan Anderson, Kenny Bourbeau and Owen Carey-Hatch.

New Durham Democrats had eight choices for eight spots on the ballot for State Representative. Susan Price (the top vote-getter in New Durham), Larry Brown, Rachel Burke, Janet Kalar, Bob Perry, Richard Stanley, Alice Surago and Cory Mattocks will all be on the ballot in November.

The three County Commissioner candidates will also be on the New Durham ballot in November. George Maglaras and Paul Dumont both received 70 votes and Robert Watson garnered 69.

(Editor's Note) - Please note that all results are unofficial and may be subject to change.

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