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Ossipee man crashes party with a gun, police say

September 08, 2010
OSSIPEE — An Ossipee man faces several charges for allegedly crashing a wedding reception by pulling out a gun and firing a shot in the air.

Jason Nason, 22, of Ossipee, was charged with two felonies and a misdemeanor for an incident that allegedly occurred on the night of Aug. 28, at a residence on Knox Mountain Road where a wedding reception was apparently taking place, said Ossipee Police Cpl. Bob King.

"He was apparently informed that his friend was having a problem (with another invited guest)," said King. "He rallied a few friends to help him out. Once he got on scene things deteriorated rapidly, which led to Nason retrieving a nine millimeter pistol and firing a shot into the air."

The felony charges are riot and reckless conduct with a deadly weapon. The misdemeanor is resisting arrest. The police charged Nason with felony riot because he engaged in "tumultuous conduct" with three other people: Kevin Maggard, Josh Magyar and Troy Dore. The police log shows that Maggard, 22, of Ossipee, and Magyar, 22, of Effingham, each face riot charges. Magyar was also charged with resisting arrest and Maggard was also charged with hindering apprehension.

The police paperwork states that Nason fired the gun in close proximity to a crowd of people. It also states that Nason and his friends left the scene in two pickup trucks. Nason allegedly denied shooting a gun, but said he threw a firecracker.

State Police found Nason at 90 Moultonville Road, which is where Maggard lives. Nason was charged with resisting arrest because he allegedly tried to run away from the state trooper who detained him.

Nason, who was in Ossipee District Court on Monday, Aug. 30, is now free on $10,000 personal recognizance bail. Nason is due to appear in court again on Sept. 15 at 11 a.m.

Two young women allegedly in Nason's group were also charged. Jillian Ames, 17, of Wolfeboro, was charged with resisting arrest and Hillary Getson, 20, of Wolfeboro, was charged with resisting arrest and unlawful possession of alcohol.

When police arrived at Maggard's home, they noticed a white and silver pickup truck in the far corner of the driveway with the passenger side door open. A police dog was used to find Ames, who was located 200 yards deep in the woods. Getson and Magyar were apprehended as they tried to leave Nason's residence at 194 Route 16 B.

A bullet fired into the air can have a deadly impact, according to the Discovery Channel's show, Myth Busters.

"If a bullet is fired upward at a non-vertical angle (a far more probable possibility), it will maintain its spin and will reach a high enough speed to be lethal on impact," states mythbusterresults.com. "The Myth Busters were able to identify two people who had been injured by falling bullets, one of them fatally injured."

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