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Lifestar to take over ambulance duties in six towns

August 26, 2010
OSSIPEE — Early next month, a new ambulance company will take over the six towns currently served by Medstar Emergency Medical Services.

Medstar currently serves Ossipee, Freedom, Madison, Tamworth, Eaton, and Effingham. Back in March, the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration sent a letter to Medstar's towns stating that the ambulance company owed over $50,000 in back taxes.

In an interview last week, Medstar's Operations Manager Brian Johns declined to talk about Medstar's woes, but explained that he's launching a new ambulance company called LifeStar that will assume Medstar's assets and personnel. LifeStar will be ready to take over coverage on Sept. 3. at 7 a.m.

"The only difference will be the name on the trucks," said Johns who stressed that he isn't actually buying Medstar.

Then a few weeks later, Johns plans to launch another ambulance company called Ossipee Valley EMS. That company would cover the southern towns in the territory Ossipee, Freedom, and Effingham. The coverage area splits because the northern towns use Memorial Hospital in Conway while the southern towns use Huggins Hospital in Wolfeboro.

The towns wouldn't be obligated to use either of his companies. They could also put the ambulance contract out to bid, said Johns. Right now, Johns said he's advising municipal officials to contact his attorney about the proper way to terminate their contracts with Medstar.

Johns said his company has a staff of 19 people.

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