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Lottery winner revealed

August 26, 2010
GILMAN, Vt.—Francis Sullivan, a Gilman resident and long-time and Littleton FCI Burndy Corporation employee will come forward at noon today to claim the $12.5 million lottery, the single largest Megabucks winner in the game's history.

Sullivan, who lives in a well-warn mobile home on Riverside Avenue, not far from the closed paper mill and, across the river in Dalton, the Top of the Hill Store, where he purchased his lucky ticket. Neighbors, who declined to be identified, called Sullivan a "decent, hard working man", who, like many in these parts, had his share of financial troubles.

Betsy Babcock, the Human Resources Director at Burndy, called Sullivan "a wonderful, conscientious person." She indicated that while he has worked many years at Burndy, he was rehired in October, 2004. "I can't think of a better person to win," she added.

Sullivan's mother also lives in Gilman. He has two sisters who reside in the immediate area.

Martin Lord Osman
Varney Smith
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