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Tuftonboro selectmen make progress on public safety building design

August 26, 2010
TUFTONBORO — After a three-and-a-half hour meeting with Davis Goudreau Architects, Inc. of Portsmouth on Friday, Aug. 20, selectmen reported substantial progress toward a building option to meet the needs of Tuftonboro fire and police departments.

Board of Selectmen Chair Carolyn Sundquist said at the board's Aug. 23 meeting that residents can expect to have a chance to discuss at least two options in hearings this fall, as the board works toward defining the most appropriate building design to offer voters in March. While the fire department's needs have been identified as the most pressing, both departments have space deficiencies to address.

Sundquist said that according to the architects, the most cost effective plan, if a building is needed also for the police department within the next seven years, is to include those requirements in the plan. If a building is not anticipated in the next seven years, then phasing could be an option.

Duffy added that taking care of both departments' requirements at once would entail one start up cost rather than two, for example.

Fire Chief Adam Thompson reported that he is in the preliminary stage of ordering a new Engine #1 in 2011 according to plans submitted to the Capital Improvements Program (CIP) committee. The generic design is four inches higher and four feet longer than a custom-designed cab, which costs more, but it will fit in the present bay. He said that the ballpark estimate is $450,000, much higher than the $364,000 cost of 2005, and explained that new requirements account for the large increase.

In other business, the selectmen signed correspondence presented to them by Planning Board Chair Rick Friend following a meeting between the two town boards and the Tuftonboro Farms Association, held to resolve the matter between James Dufresne, the developer of ZaDeDa Farms, and the Tuftonboro Farms Association. Both boards would like to see Dufresne work out his differences with his bank and complete the road. The selectmen do not desire to take over the road completion, which could result in it immediately becoming a town road for the town to maintain.

Residents can look for assessment letters from Cross Country Appraisals within the week. Hearings will be held on Aug. 28 and Sept. 1and 2 at the Tuftonboro Town House.

The board is considering Moultonborough's proposal that the two towns bid for electricity together for a supposed five to 10 percent savings. They are looking further into the matter.

Parks and Recreation Committee

Mary Ann Murray provided a report of summer activities with emphasis on the swim program. Though numbers were slightly down, she said that 60 youngsters were enrolled and 25 joined the swim team under the able instruction of Amy Karewa.

The lifeguard program, overseen by Amanda Moody, worked well, with just two problems. One was addressed with an inservice training program; the other involved an individual refusing to get out of the water during a lightning storm. Murray said she would like to talk to Town Counsel Richard Sager about that issue. Three new lifeguards have received training.

Murray recommended that the selectman allow an increase in staffing hours during warm evenings and evenings to improve coverage.

She also announced that she was "shocked" to realize that she has been in charge of programs at the beach for the last 25 years, and that she has decided to retire and "have a July off next summer."

Other business

Selectman Bill Stockman brought the Callender Cemetery to the board's attention. He said that the previously well-maintained, landscaped and fenced private family cemetery has been neglected over the years; the property has been subdivided to separate the cemetery land from the original parcel and has a separate tax bill. He suggested that the owners be asked to give it to the town, which would in turn maintain it along with the 45 other cemeteries it cares for. The board agreed with his suggestion.

Selectmen made the following appointments: Gina Lessard to serve on the Parks and Recreation Committee; Lloyd Wood on the CIP committee; and Joe Kowalski, Bob Speer, Kevin Garrett and Bob Theve to serve on the newly-formed Cable Contract Committee.

Dusty Davies was nominated by the board for the Local Government Center's Municipal Volunteer of the Year Award for her hours of attention to the concerns of the Mirror Lake Protective Association.

Sundquist said that the board needs to address raise and benefit packages and complete personnel reviews in the coming weeks. With Labor Day coming up and no meeting that week, the board decided to hold its next meeting on Aug. 30, at 7 p.m. at the town offices building.

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