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New face tops Granite Man field

William Reeves of Durham wins 29th annual event, Jodi Conway returns to the top of women's field

WOLFEBORO’S JILL DUFFIELD and Joshua Harrison of Provo, Utah race to the finish of Saturday’s Granite Man Triathlon. Joshua Spaulding. (click for larger version)
August 23, 2010
WOLFEBORO — Saturday featured the first Granite Man Dance Party and the first Granite Man Dating Game, but the highlight of the day was certainly the 29th annual Granite Man Triathlon, as the sun shined down on Wolfeboro for the hundreds of athletes who descended on town for the annual rite of summer.

When the dust settled, a first-time winner was awarded the trophy for the top time, as Durham's William Reeves outpaced multi-time winner Aaron Coleman of Portsmouth by almost a minute to capture the title in his second time toeing the starting line at Carry Beach.

Reeves finished in 1:20:25 and Coleman crossed in 1:21:36. Stephen Judice of Dayton, Maine raced to third place in 1:23:38 and John Flannagan of Cohasset, Mass. took fourth place in 1:25:07. Philip Corbett of Portsmouth rounded out the top five with a time of 1:25:48.

For the women, former winner Jodi Conway of Framingham, Mass. returned to the top of the podium with a time of 1:30:34, which placed her 13th overall. Former Wolfeboro resident Carrie Bartlett, now of Bedford, Mass, was less than 30 seconds behind, finishing in 1:30:59 to finish second among women and 14th overall. Stratham's Kelsey Smith raced to 31st overall in 1:38:11 to finish third among women, with Carolyn Cole of Cornish placing 37th in 1:39:47 as the fourth woman. Corey Dowe of Barrington was fifth among women in a time of 1:42:45, placing her 46th overall.

The 29th running of the event marked the first time in almost three decades that Marjorie Dow wasn't the volunteer coordinator. The event benefits the Albert Dow III Scholarship, which is given in the name of her son, who was killed in a search and rescue mission in 1981. Dow did step down as the volunteer coordinator, with Kristen Pike taking the reins, but she was still on hand, handing out fruit and water to athletes.

"I decided to retire and found the perfect person to do the job," Dow said of Pike. "Her grandparents were volunteers."

As for the results, there were many local athletes near the top of their age groups when the final results were posted.

Andrew Trudeau of Wolfeboro won the 13 to 17 age group for men with a time of 1:47:04.

In the 18 to 29 age group, Craig Ballard of Wolfeboro finished 18th in a time of 2:13:04. Alexander Maus of Wolfeboro was 21st in 2:16:21. Nick Jones, also of Wolfeboro, raced to 25th in 2:33:11 and Tim Croes of Alton was 26th in 3:19:15.

Mike Jacobs of Wolfeboro raced to eighth place in the 30 to 34 age group with a time of 1:53:25 in his first attempt at the Granite Man.

James Conway of Mirror Lake finished third in the 35 to 39 age bracket with his time of 1:41:04.

In the 40 to 44 bracket, Steven Bosak of Wolfeboro raced to eighth place overall in a time of 1:39:01, just eight seconds ahead of Tamworth's Claes Thelemarck, who was ninth overall in 1:39:09. Steve Kirwan of Wolfeboro was 12th in 1:47:40, with KC Lincoln of Wolfeboro in 13th place in 1:49:59. John Krebs of Freedom raced to 15th in 1:52:57 and Ben Ekstrom of Wolfeboro was 16th in 1:53:05. Wolfeboro's Lawton Harper was 19th in 2:04:40.

In the 45 to 49 age group, Martin Boucher of Wolfeboro placed fourth overall in a time of 1:35:54 and he was the top local finisher overall, crossing the finish line in 26th place overall.

In the 55 to 59 age group, Dan Coons of Wolfeboro ran to second place overall with a time of 1:47:50.

In the 60 to 69 bracket, Gil McDonald of Melvin Village was third in 2:14:37 and David Wells of Wolfeboro was fourth in 2:21:05.

Among the women, Hannah Knipple of Wolfeboro was 12th in the 18 to 29 age bracket with a time of 2:06:35, while Kristina Maus of Wolfeboro was 17th in 2:37:01.

In the 30 to 34 age group, Kirsten MacLellan of Wolfeboro ran to third place overall in a time of 1:51:13.

Rachel Babcock of Alton finished second in the 35 to 39 age group with a time of 1:47:58, just one spot ahead of Wendy Conway of Mirror Lake, who finished in 1:52:23.

In the 40 to 44 bracket, Maria Found of Wolfeboro was the winner in 1:43:04. She was also the fastest local woman in the race. Katie Peternel raced to fifth in 1:48:58 and Julie Bosak was sixth in 1:50:06. Elizabeth Daigle was eighth in 2:05:41, with Kelly Demain crossing in 2:08:14 and Theresa Yarling finished in 2:09:02. All of the ladies are from Wolfeboro.

In the 45 to 49 age group, Fran O'Donaghue of Mirror Lake was second in 1:43:38. Liz Bean of Wolfeboro raced to sixth in 2:02:36.

Joanne Phalon of Wolfeboro won the 50 to 59 age bracket in a time of 1:53:31.

Jill Duffield of Wolfeboro finished second in the 60 and over bracket with her time of 2:01:13.

Team races

Competitors also had the option of competing as teams, with two or three members splitting up the triathlon duties.

For the male teams, the team of John, Bechard and Pruyn of Wolfeboro came home first in 1:35:48, followed by the team of Dombroski, Dombroski and Shacht in 1:38:18.

For the female teams, the team of Meehan, Hunt and McKenna of Mirror Lake took second place in 1:45:40.

For the coed teams, the team of Moody and Page of Tuftonboro raced to seventh in 1:48:44, with the Wolfeboro team of Daigle and Conley finishing in 11th place in 2:03:15.

Among family teams, the team of Kiley, Kiley and Kiley of Wolfeboro finished ninth in 1:43:34, followed by the team of Read and Read in 10th place in 1:46:42. Haley and Haley of Mirror Lake raced to 13th in 1:50:36, followed by the team of Van Wagner, Van Wagner and Van Wagner of Wolfeboro in 1:50:38. The Wolfeboro team of Cain, Barrett and Bransfield finished 17th in 2:08:14 and another team of Van Wagners took 18th in 2:11:02.

For the 16 and under teams, the grouping of Rankin, Houseman and Scott finished second in 1:59.

The team of Coons and Coons from Wolfeboro won the 50 and over female team division in a time of 1:52:41.

The Mirror Lake team of Murray, Pratt and Pratt won the 50 and over coed team division in a time of 2:12:24.

"It was a really smooth day," said Wolfeboro Parks and Recreation Director Ethan Hipple. "It's like a machine."

He praised the volunteers who helped make the day a success.

"Once we get it up, it runs itself," Hipple said. "The day itself is easiest, the weeks leading up, that's the tough part."

Staff and volunteers were on hand at 5 a.m. to start getting things set up and by 8 a.m. things were ready to go.

Hipple also made the call for more volunteers to come out and help, noting that anyone interested in helping out is invited to call the Parks and Recreation office at 569-5639 to sign up.

"Any group or student looking for service hours, this is a great cause," he said. "You have a lot of fun and you get a free t-shirt."

Many thanks

Hipple offered his thanks to Pike for her efforts in organizing the volunteers for the first time and also pointed to Wolfeboro's Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation Christine Collins, who he noted did a lot of the work leading up to the race.

He also extended his thanks to Lenny Moore, who donated water for the athletes, and Fred Varney Kitchens, who worked with suppliers to scrape up the granite for the unique awards that are given out to the winners. Kaleidoscope Graphics provided the printing service for the awards.

Hipple also offered his thanks to the Cain family for the use of their front yard for the finish line and the Marriot Family for allowing the course to run through Grandview Commons at the end of Forest Road. Friends of Abenaki earned kudos for acting as treasurer for the race and the police and fire departments and the lifeguarding staff were also commended for their assistance.

Hunter's IGA donated some of the fruit provided to racers and Peter Pijoan of Wolfeboro Community Television taped the event and will be putting out a DVD of the event.

Hipple also praised Judy Drew, who has been part of the race for 22 years and continues to play a key role in running the race every year.

Complete results from the race are available at www.coolrunning.com.

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