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Local Native Americans prepare for Pow Wow

Mark your calendars! Members of the public are invited to meet people from a number of different Indian tribes at a Native Gathering and Pow Wow to be held in September at the River Brook RV Resort on Route 25 in Rumney. The event will help benefit the Chief Wolf Spirit Scholarship Fund. Pictured: Amongst the local Native Americans who will be welcoming visitors to the Pow Wow; Front- Freddie (the friendly service dog), Kevin Robeau, Misting Waters, Nick Three Crows; Back-Cherry Blossom, Flaming Star, Gentle Doe Eyes, Soaring Hawk, Dancing Flower, Cyle Yanski and local author/historian, Roland Bixby. (Marcia Morris) (click for larger version)
August 18, 2010
RUMNEY—In a lovely open meadow, dotted with wild flowers and encircled by sturdy granite mountain peaks, on one recent weekend, a hardworking group of local Native Americans led by the charismatic and compassionate Chief Wolf Spirit, could be found camping out on the banks of what we now know as the Baker River at the River Brook Campground just off Route 25 in Rumney.

On a gorgeous site, at a point where the river bends luxuriously to encompass the lush green meadow in its embrace, the group has been steadily at work for months, recreating a traditional Native American village community and planting and nurturing a bountiful garden on the banks of the river, in preparation for a special event to take place in September.

While practicing their Native American spirituality and enjoying each other's fellowship over the past few months, Chief Wolf Spirit and his band have spent their weekends, building several traditional dwellings on the site. In addition to the New England Abenaki wigwam and wikiup they have constructed, they have also built a Plains Indians style Lakota Tee Pee for comparison, as part of their ongoing efforts to educate and introduce their non-Native American neighbors to Indian history, culture and beliefs.

Gentle Doe Eyes presides over the beautiful Native Style vegetable garden, where the "three sisters," corn, beans and squash, nestle together in perfect harmony in order to grow and thrive. Last weekend, the corn stretched for the sun, tossing its flirtatious tassels in the wind as Gentle Doe Eyes sang her harmony song to the garden, as she has all season long, to excellent effect. The harvest will be shared by everyone from the local tribe and a communal feast will be enjoyed in the fall.

All the recent efforts will culminate in a Native Gathering and Pow Wow to be held at River Brook Campground from Sept. 10-12. The event will be open to the public 12-4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday of that weekend, to welcome anyone and everyone who would like to participate and learn more about local Native American culture and history. The price of admission on those public occasions will be $3 for adults, $2 for children, and free for kids under the age of six. Proceeds will benefit the Chief Wolf Spirit Scholarship Fund for Native American students who would like to prepare for a trade or continue their education beyond secondary school.

The Pow Wow will feature drumming and dancing, crafts booths and refreshments, as well as plenty of time to socialize, learn from the locals, and tour the village. Everyone is most welcome to attend. Special provisions are made for the elderly and handicapped individuals, to enable everyone to fully participate in the festivities. Kids will have a great time.

Native only events, closed to the general public, are to include Healing Circles, Weddings, Namings and other sacred ceremonies. Native Only events are open to any individuals who are walking the path of Native American spirituality. Full hook up sites at River Brook RV Resort are also available for $25 per night.

Chief Wolf Spirit says he is extremely grateful for the hospitality and generosity of River Brook RV Resort owners Jack and Kerry Killian, who are not themselves Indians, but have extended themselves graciously to allow for Native gatherings and activities. He hopes that the tribe's community outreach efforts will help to bridge any differences and misunderstandings between the Native and non-Native population. He believes that Hollywood movies, amongst other influences, have left a distorted impression in many people's minds about the true nature of Native American beliefs and practices. He and his many friends look forward to extending a warm welcome to visitors to the Pow Wow in September. Stay tuned to the Record Enterprise for more information or visit the website at www.wolfspiritnh.org.

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