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Pennsylvania runner takes Alton Old Home Day 5K

Local runners take five of the top 10 spots in annual race

SANBORNVILLE’S CHRISTOPHER MCKAY leads a group of runners into Alton Bay near the finish of Saturday’s Old Home Day 5K. Kathy Sutherland. (click for larger version)
August 16, 2010
ALTON — Local runners took half of the top 10 spots in Saturday's Alton Old Home Day 5K, but the top two spots went to a couple of folks from out of town.

Tyler Mueller of Pottstown, Pa. pulled away from Rob Levey of Somersworth to win the annual event with a time of 16:14. Levey came home in 16:23.

Former Prospect Mountain and Kingswood standout Chris Apkarian of Alton Bay was the top local finisher, crossing third overall in 17:07.

On the women's side, Tracy Swain-Dickey of New Hartford, Conn. was the top finisher, as she clocked in at 19:39, placing her 11th overall. Michelle Deroche of Alton Bay was the second place female, crossing in 21:14 for 21st place, while Judy Copley of North Easton, Mass. rounded out the top three females in 21:24, which placed her 24th.

Alton's Drew Tuttle, 15, edged out his dad, Prospect track and cross country coach John Tuttle, by one second for fifth place overall, finishing in 18:05. Former Prospect athlete Jack LaFreniere clocked in at 18:53 for seventh place overall. Current Prospect Mountain track star Greg Tinkham was 10th in a time of 19:36.

Kingswood runner Mark Richardson of Wolfeboro raced to 12th overall in 19:46, while Alan Barret of Alton came home 15th in 19:59. Alton's Steven Noyes raced to 22nd in a time of 21:16, with Tim Bonisteel of Barnstead crossing in 21:25 for 26th place. Erin Libby of Alton was 27th in 21:28. Stephen Beaupre of Ossipee came home 32nd in 22:09, followed by Christopher McKay of Sanbornville in 22:16. Steve Renner of Alton finished 45th in 23:10, just one second and one spot ahead of Gabe Varney, also of Alton.

Casey Hoatson of Alton Bay finished 56th in 24:11, with Sam Huggard of Alton in 57th place in 24:13. John Loynd of Center Conway placed 58th in 24:17. Seth Richardson of Wolfeboro raced to 61st in 24:31, while Judi Lemaire, also of Wolfeboro, was 67th in 24:43.

Hudson Ingoldsby of Alton finished 70th overall in a time of 25:05, while Kris Howley of Barnstead was just two seconds back in 71st place. Jen McCullough of Alton Bay placed 72nd in 25:13, with Matthew Hurley of Alton crossing in 74th place in 25:29. Caila Kantar of Alton was 78th in 25:41 and Dave Ferruccio of Alton Bay finished 80th in 25:57.

Wendy Huggard of Alton was 91st in 26:32, followed closely by Sandra Woehr, also of Alton, in 92nd place in 26:38. Alton's Meredith Roy was 93rd in 26:43 and Joseph Leone of Alton was 97th in 26:50. Stephanie McEvoy of New Durham cracked the top 100, placing 100th in 26:52.

Hannah Deroche of Alton Bay was 106th in a time of 27:07 and was also second among girls 14 and under. Robert Starck of Alton Bay came home 107th in 27:10. Michael Frost finished 111th in 27:35, with Michael Adjutah of Barnstead taking 112th in 27:45. Allison Goodrich of East Wakefield finished 119th in 28:33, followed by Brian Slipp of Alton in 28:40. Nolan Sykes of Alton finished 123rd in 29:01 and Ronald Senecal of Alton Bay placed 126th in 29:16. Shawn Thomas (128th, 29:20), Ryan Crawley (129th, 29:21) and David Sykes (130th, 29:28), all of Alton, crossed within seconds of each other.

Katelyn Fogarty of Center Ossipee was 132nd in 29:33, with Andrew Krivitsky of Alton in 136th place in 30:01. Wendy Noyes of Alton finished 137th in 30:08. Betsy Kretchmer of Alton was 144th in 30:36, with Jeff Allard of New Durham finishing 148th and Elizabeth Corbally of Alton finishing 149th, both with a time of 30:59.

Alton's Karen Wright was 152nd in 31:14, while Becky Lounsbury of Barnstead was 155th in 31:47. Carole Rocha of Alton Bay finished 156th in 31:53 and Drew Stazesky of New Durham placed 160th in 32:07. Mary Barret of Alton finished 162nd in 32:16, with Holly-Jane Fogarty of Center Ossipee one spot back in 32:17. Maria Santucci of Alton was one second behind in 164th place.

Chantell Wheeler of Center Barnstead finished 170th in 32:56, followed by Wolfeboro's Patti Cain in 171st place in 33:02. Merrie Marks of New Durham was 174th in 33:12, while Drew Ingoldsby of Alton Bay finished 177th in 33:46. Colby Sykes of Alton was 178th in 33:47 and Ruth Larson of Alton crossed in 179th place in 33:51. Cheryl Krivitsky of Alton placed 181st in 34:07 and Emma Hardie of Alton was 184th in 34:20. Terri Winters and Jan Allard took the next two spots, with Winters 184th in 34:28 and Allard 185th in 34:43. Both are from New Durham.

Donna Bulger of Alton raced to 188th and Guy Leone, also of Alton was 189th, both in a time of 34:52. Effingham's Becky White was 190th in 34:53 and Nathan Archambault of Alton finished 191st in 35:04. Reuben Parker of Alton crossed the line in 192nd place in 35:32 and Stephanie Beaupre of Ossipee was 194th in 35:47. Clinton Lagace of Alton cracked the top 200 with a 199th place finish in 36:20.

Christy Pendaruis of Tuftonboro was 203rd in 36:49, with Grace Hardie of Alton 204th in 36:57. Shelby Therrien of Alton also crossed in 36:57 to take 205th place. Jen Santucci of Alton was 210th in 37:17 and Jennifer Crawley of Alton was 212th in 37:37. Cyndy White of New Durham raced to 214th place in 37:58, with Crystal Buswell of Freedom in 215th place in 38:02. Signe Therrien and Alina Hardie, both of Alton, both crossed in 38:39 for 219th and 220th respectively.

Anna Deroche of Alton was 223rd in 38:57, followed by Taylor (39:33), Abby (39:33) and Jack (39:34) Callahan, all of Wolfeboro in 224th, 225th and 226th places. Sadie Erwin of New Durham and Lucinda Erwin of New Durham both crossed in 41:54 for 232nd and 233rd places, respectively, with Molly Quinn of Alton Bay in 234th place in 41:57 and Kellie Mahoney of Alton in 235th in 41:58. Connor Lagace of Alton was 247th in 45:10 and Karen Senecal of Alton placed 248th in 45:14. James Lagace of Alton was 249th in 45:16 and Kathy Lagace, also of Alton, was 250th in 45:17.

Andrea Ouellette of Ossipee was 252nd in 45:35, with Roxana Morrill of Wolfeboro in 253rd place in 45:36. Meredith Quinn of Alton Bay placed 59th in 46:39, the same time posted by Donna Mahoney of Alton, who crossed 260th. Owen Parker was 263rd in 47:08, with Luke and Bob Deroche of Alton Bay finishing in the next two spots, both with a time of 47:56. Abigail Deroche of Alton was 266th in 48:02 and Maxim Deroche of Alton was 267th in 48:06.

Rebecca Bureau of Alton placed 270th in 48:16, two seconds ahead of Lynn Kasch of Wolfeboro, who was 271st overall. David Williams of Alton was 272nd in 48:35, with Alton's Mirella Santucci in 273rd pace in 48:44. John Santucci, also of Alton, placed 274th in 48:45 and Cameron Lagace of Alton crossed in 275th place in 49:10.

Alton Bay's Jordan Ingoldsby was 277th in 49:11, while Phyllis Salvetti of Alton Bay was 280th in 49:43 and Monique Deroche and Dean Deroche both finished in 49:44 for 281st and 282nd place, respectively. Karl Ingoldsby of Alton was 283rd in 49:45, with Shelby York of Wolfeboro in 285th place in 51:27 and Alton's Gabriela D'Empere in 286th place in 52:00. Marie and Ed Purcell, both of Alton, both crossed in 52:02 to finish 287th and 288th, respectively, with Kathryn Archambault in 289th in 52:03 and Sal Santucci in 290th in 52:04. Both are from Alton.

Complete results can be found at www.coolrunning.com.

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