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Smaller Hannaford planned for next fall

August 11, 2010
Hannaford Brothers Supermarket will see a new look and a new location in Gilford come next year, when the store is planned to be constructed on Winnipesaukee Crossing complex, by the Lowe's and Papa Gino's.

The relocation has been in the works since 2005, and now that the current Hannaford store lease is coming about at the Walmart complex in Gilford, Hannaford is making final touches to its plan and is scheduled to meet with the Planning Board later this month.

The proposed 47,000 square foot store is approximately 9,000 square feet smaller than it was originally planned in 2005, while the current store is slightly larger at 53,000 square feet.

The new store will have a drive through service window by the pharmacy, a feature the current building does not have.

Gilford Town Planner John Ayer said the majority of the site plan has already been approved throughout the last five years, but since the architecture of the building has slightly changed, the Planning Board will have to review the plans once again.

If the board approves the most recent architectural changes, the building will be ready for construction by the time the Hannaford lease is up in the plaza on Lakeshore Road.

"All of the work is done in the (Winnipesaukee Crossing) complex except for the building itself, which already has a spot waiting for it," said Ayer. "There are three standard buildings and this will be the middle one."

Ayer said the exact construction time is unknown though signs are pointing to a completion date of fall 2011.

"There are not too many hurdles because all the site improvements are in place, but there are slight changes to a smaller building," said Ayer.

With a smaller building there will also be fewer parking spaces, and because of the drive through window, a driveway will also be added to the site plans, changing the dynamics of the building structure.

"The Planning Board's main focus will be to review the drive through window and the building's architecture, which will also look different," said Ayer.

The building will be finished with clapboard rather than brick, and Ayer said it will need to meet high standards to hold its own within the plaza.

"Lowe's has set high standards and Shaw's at the time set the standards before them. It's a standard we hope to maintain, and we don't expect Hannaford will do anything less with it," said Ayer.

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