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State GOP head rallies county committee

Former Gov. John H. Sununu of Salem, who heads up the state Republican Party, urged Republicans to get out the vote in November and to put the state back into the more fiscally responsible red-state column. (Photo by Edith Tucker) (click for larger version)
July 28, 2010
JEFFERSON — Former Governor John H. Sununu, who now heads up the state Republican Party, came north recently to an early evening meeting of the Cos County Republican Committee plus local candidates at the Water Wheel restaurant. Gov. Sununu served from 1983 to 1989 in the state's Corner Office and served as the White House Chief of Staff from 1989 to 1991 for the first President Bush.

There are "a great bunch of candidates" running for the Republican nomination for the two U. S. House seats and for the Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Judd Gregg. He said the same is true for New Hampshire House and Senate seats.

In New Hampshire, Democrats have had no self-discipline and state spending has soared with Democrats voting for increases in 50 state taxes and fees, he told the crowd. The Democrats are wrong and that spending does not — and will not — cure today's economic woes, he said.

Democrats scoffed when state Sen. John Gallus of Berlin proposed a 5 percent decrease in spending, but now Gov. John Lynch is proposing that the very same analysis be done, Gov. Sununu said. He suggested that this is due to "hypocrisy, dishonesty, or incompetence" or all of the above.

The state is at the knife-edge; the country is at the knife-edge, making the November elections extremely important, Gov. Sununu explained.

"Our country as we know it" is hanging in the balance, he predicted.

He called on all committed Republicans to work hard for their favorite candidates to win in the Sept. 7 primary but to be prepared to get behind those who win the various Republican nominations.

He asked the faithful on hand to be ready to come together on Sept. 8, right after the primary is over.

Gov. Sununu also asked everyone on hand to talk to people — friends, neighbors, family, and colleagues — so that they understand that they can become part of the solution by voting Republican.

The state Republican Committee is at work placing up to 20,000 political telephone calls into Cos County, he said.

"We're looking to get every last vote out that is the right way in November," Gov. Sununu said. "It really is the most important election in most of our lifetimes."

He urged Republicans to work to "clean out the Democrats out of Concord and to bring this state back to greatness again."

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