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Timberman's 10 year anniversary approaches

July 21, 2010
Timberman Triathlon's race director Keith Jordan of EndorFUN Sports of Gilford proudly announced the 10-year anniversary of the international event, held right in town at Ellacoya.

"This is our 10th year and everything is going fantastic. Years ago, the community rallied behind something and made it happen," Jordan told the Board of Selectmen last Wednesday. "This year, we have 35 countries competing and every state is represented. We also have two Timberman champions coming to defend their title."

The 2010 Timberman date is set for Aug. 22, bringing thousands of athletes and spectators to the Lakes Region and the race in Gilford.

"We are working closely with (Gilford) Fire and EMS. There is communication between all departments on how to notify the public," said Jordan.

The "carbo-loading" dinner the night prior to the race at Ellacoya will also serve as a fundraiser for the Gilford Police Department.

Board Chair Kevin Hayes asked how the race has changed this year, compared to previous races.

Jordan said relays have been dropped from the race this year due to injuries close to the race and reoccurring scheduling issues as a result.

There will be an increase in the number of buses for transportation at Ellacoya, as it has always been a challenge to carry hundreds of bikes back after a portion of the race is completed. Staff numbers have also increased for similar purposes.

"Things are going really well. As long as there is no downpour, we will be OK," said Jordan.

Selectmen addressed the fact that the Timberman is now owned by Ironman, although Jordan still owns a portion of Ironman and has stayed heavily involved with the race.

"There are no changes, or large changes to the event. We wanted to give it to someone who could run with this and help it evolve. It relieves some of the burden from us and adds resources," explained Jordan.

He said his modest staff size could not keep up with the event's growth.

"This race is too big of a deal in the community not to have. We have a long term plan to keep this event in town. By year 25, I hope to still watch the swimmers at the beach. This has grown

from a tiny to a huge race Ė an international world class event," said Jordan.

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