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Meredith man injured in bizarre encounter with a hawk

July 21, 2010
MEREDITH — An unidentified Meredith resident was rushed to Tufts Medical Center after being attacked by a hawk while doing repairs on a home in Moultonboro last week.

The man was reportedly removing rotted planks from a second floor deck on a seasonal home when a hawk swooped in and attacked him from the side as he knelt working on the deck. Owners of the residence had warned that hawks nesting nearby had been "aggressive" but presumably had no idea they would attack a human as there had been no reports of any injuries from the birds prior to this incident.

The victim, alone at the residence at the time of the attack, managed to drive himself to Huggins Hospital in nearby Wolfeboro and was then transferred by ambulance to Tufts in Boston for surgery on the injured eye. A large gash to the white of his eye, causing a seepage of blood as well as other injuries to the cornea, were repaired and he is reported to be in good condition and now recuperating back in Meredith.

Wildlife officials have said attacks and injuries of that nature are rare but people should still be wary of nesting birds of prey. Reports of hawk attacks have come from unusual locations, including cities across the U.S. In April of 2008 an eighth grade student touring Fenway Park was struck by a nesting red tailed hawk and suffered scalp abrasions. Other cities and college campuses across the U.S. have seen occasional attacks from birds that nest in crevices on tall buildings and in wooded parks.

Anyone observing unusual behavior by hawks or other large predatory birds should keep their distance and notify officials if they become overly aggressive and protective of their young.

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