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Youngsters tackle annual Granite Kid Triathlon

AUDREY DUVALL (left), Essex Thayer (center) and Lexi Yurczyk lead this group of swimmers out of the water during Saturday’s Granite Kid Triathlon. Joshua Spaulding. (click for larger version)
July 19, 2010
WOLFEBORO — Orange swim caps dotted the sands of Brewster Beach on Saturday morning, which means only one thing: The Granite Kid Triathlon.

The 19th annual running of the event went off on Saturday morning with more than 120 kids registered to compete and more than 100 crossed the finish line in the Wolfeboro Parks and Recreation's annual event.

The fastest competitor on the day was North Hampton's Jack Jenkins, who raced to first place in the 10-11 age group for boys with his time of 17:17.46. The fastest girl on the morning was Wolfeboro's Anya Found, who won the 8-9 age group with her time of 18:07.32.

The competitors began the competition with the swim portion of the triathlon, which varied in distance depending on the age group. The youngest group in the full race (ages six to seven) swam the shortest distance, while the oldest group (ages 14 to 16) swam the longest route.

All competitors then exited Brewster Beach on their bikes and raced up to Wolfeboro Bay Care and Rehabilitation and around Clark Park before returning to the beach. They then raced on foot down to McKinney Park and back to complete the triathlon.

For the girls in the 6-7 age bracket, Amelia Osgood took the top spot with a time of 19:53.90, followed by Sarah Peternel, who finished in 22:59.52. Ana Ekstrom finished third in 23:02.78, followed by Erin Meyer in 24:53.92. Annie MacLellan was next in 26:17.69 and Greer Melville rounded out the top six in 27:55.82. All six of the top competitors were from Wolfeboro.

Wakefield's Anna Rowley finished seventh in 27:59.18, with Wolfeboro's Grace Kiley clocking in at 28:12.19 and Stephanie Reap, also of Wolfeboro, finishing ninth in 30:24.94. Tasha Hipple of Tuftonboro was 10th in 32:22.74 and Sophia Rowley of Wakefield was 11th in 34:48.17.

For the girls in the 8-9 age bracket, Found was the top finisher with her top overall girls' time. Margaret Haley of Tuftonboro raced to second place in 22:33.25, with Grace Henderson of Durham placing third in 22:34.83. Anne DeCastro of Wolfeboro was fourth in 22:42.71, with Alexandra Paluszek of Farmington racing to fifth in 23:29.96.

Virginia Skelley of Wolfeboro placed sixth in 23:36.65, with Julia Daigle of Wolfeboro taking seventh in 24:08.18. Wolfeboro's Greta Lincoln was eighth in 25:32.77, with Katie Reap, also of Wolfeboro, finishing ninth in 27:00.95. Lexi Yurczyk of Wolfeboro clocked in at 28:22.49 for 10th place and Keegan Collins-Jett of Milton was 11th in 30:48.16.

For the 10-11 group, Cat Lennon of Tuftonboro was the fastest competitor, finishing in 19:23.56. Audrey Duvall of Wolfeboro raced to second in 19:44.02, followed by Alex Rothstein of Durham in 19:59.21. Becky Peternel of Wolfeboro finished fourth in 20:08.10 and Christina Jones of Gloucester, Mass. took fifth place in 21:44.17.

Abby Coulter of Tuftonboro finished second in 22:56.86, with Gabrielle Morton of Newton taking seventh in 25:03.45. Wolfeboro's Hannah Demain was eighth in 25:20.45, with Alison Crowley of Tuftonboro finishing ninth in 26:29.76. Sasha Hinckley of Tuftonboro was 10th in 26:37.95, with Emily Skelley of Wolfeboro crossing in 28:39.27. Sarah Bean of Wolfeboro placed 12th in 29:08.57, while Maeve Keene, also of Wolfeboro, was 13th in 29:32.51. Brooke McMahon of Wolfeboro was 14th in 29:41.60.

For the 12-13 age group, Marley Jenkins of North Hampton took the top spot in 19:46.14, followed by Jenna Howland of Durham in 21:20.06. Ryanne Murray of Wolfeboro placed third in 21:37.79.

Annie Peternel of Wolfeboro won the 14-16 age group in 22:03.16.

For the boys, Davis Ekstrom of Wolfeboro won the 6-7 age group with his time of 18:52.71. Robert Doherty of Wolfeboro placed second in 19:25.28, with Adrian Northrop of Ossipee taking third in 19:55.31. Colby Simmons of Wolfeboro took fourth in 20:24.01 and Teddy Hall of Wolfeboro placed fifth in 21:08.27.

Aidan Janetos of Madbury raced to sixth in 21:49.10, followed by Reid Demain of Wolfeboro in 22:44.79. Tuftonboro's Jack Haley was eighth in 22:58.88, with Garrett Lincoln of Wolfeboro taking ninth in 23:45.99. Durham's Brian Rothstein was 10th in 24:16.74 and Essex Thayer of Wolfeboro was 11th in 26:34.61. Reese Clarke of Wolfeboro raced to 12th in 27:17.35. Geoffrey Callahan of Gloucester, Mass. was 13th in 29:08.48 and Adam Smith of Wolfeboro placed 14th in 38:03.07.

For the 8-9 age group, Quinn Simmons of Wolfeboro was first in 18:08.69, followed by Brett Conley, also of Wolfeboro, in 21:02.71. Phillip Jones of Gloucester, Mass. rounded out the top three in 21:15.82. Zachery Gibson of Wolfeboro was fourth in 22:36.17, followed by Jackson Hipple of Tuftonboro in 22:54.53.

Benjamin Callahan of Gloucester, Mass. was sixth in 25:15.97, with Quinn Demain of Wolfeboro taking seventh in 25:26.86. Michael Coppola of Wolfeboro was eighth in 25:46.96 and Connor Griffin of Austin, Texas was ninth in 28:26.00.

For the 10-11 age group, Jenkins' top male time was the standard, followed by Ian Palleiko of Rollinsford, who was second in 19:06.93. Bryce Northrop of Ossipee was third in 20:16.67. Jonah Poulin of Manchester was fourth in 20:33.87 and Monty Jones of Wolfeboro rounded out the top five in 20:44.04.

Evan Murray of Wolfeboro was sixth in 20:48.04, with Dawson Allwine, also of Wolfeboro, finishing seventh in 21:13.04. Douglas Keene of Wolfeboro was eighth in 21:39.56, followed by Chris Watson of Wolfeboro in a time of 21:53.54. Martin Keene, also of Wolfeboro, placed 10th in 27:01.22, while David Varney of Conway was 11th in 27:26.90. Cameron MacDonald of Wolfeboro was 12th in 29:37.36.

For the 12-13 age group, Reed Patterson of Calais, Vt. was the top finisher in 18:42.27, followed by Jeremy Howland of Durham in 19:27.13. Nathan Rees of East Hampstead was third in 20:04.08 and Timmy Crowley of Tuftonboro was fourth in 21:39.71.

For the 14-16 group, PJ Tessier of Tuftonboro was first in 19:37.66, followed by Michael Rothstein of Durham in 20:52.20 and Jack Murray of Wolfeboro in 24:25.97.

The little ones

The morning opened with the triathlon especially designed for the five-and-under crowd. This consisted of a short swim and bike and run portions held within the confines of the Brewster Beach parking lot.

The fastest overall time went to Tessa Demain of Wolfeboro, who finished in 4:58.97. The second girl was Phoebe Knoll of Portland, Maine in 6:11.55. Betty Hall of Wolfeboro finished third in 6;14.72, followed by Grace Conway of Wolfeboro in 6:53.18. Maisy Van Arsdale of Wolfeboro was fifth in 6:54.07.

Virginia Hudon was sixth in 7:07.25, followed by Molly Kiley in 7:13.51 and Madeline Tarter in 8:07.85. All three girls are from Wolfeboro. Nadia Janetos of Madbury was ninth in 8:11.14, with Emily Rowley of Wakefield in 10th in 8:22.14. Rose Conway was 12th in 9:21.40 and Sophie Van Arsdale was 13th in 9:51.39. Both are from Wolfeboro.

For the boys, Brady Clarke of Wolfeboro had the top time, finishing in 5:10.91, with Paul Conway of Framingham, Mass. taking second in 5:22.42. Jake Harper of Wolfeboro was third in 5:43.20 and Luke Haley of Tuftonboro was fourth in 5:52.88. Curtis Cloos of Wolfeboro placed fifth in 6:13.02.

Wolfeboro's Tyler Dover was sixth in 7:34.20, followed by Matt Conway of Carlsbad, Calif. in 7:49.40. Richard Jenkins of Wolfeboro was eighth in 7:54.42. Eli Smith of Wolfeboro was ninth in 9:14.58, with Jasper Ellis of Tuftonboro taking 10th in 9:54.40 and Colby Simmons of Wolfeboro in 11th in 9:54.40.

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