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Pocket Mountain Video documents region's unique past

Latest DVD features Ossipee Ring Dike Volcano

POCKET MOUNTAIN VIDEO owner and producer Joe Bradley (left) and amateur historian/narrator John Hartog, both of the Granite section of Ossipee, recently released a third documentary about Ossipee. Daymond Steer – Photo (click for larger version)
July 15, 2010
OSSIPEE — The star of Pocket Mountain Video's latest documentary is not man or machine —it's a volcano.

"Exploring the Great Ring Dike Volcano," located in the Ossipee Mountains, is the latest film by Granite residents Joseph "Joe" Bradley and amateur historian and narrator John Hartog. This is the duo's third documentary focused on local history. Pocket Mountain Video, started by retired educator and Wolfeboro Community Television producer Bradley, produced "Hidden Treasures of the Granite Section, Ossipee" was released in 2008; "Preserving a Legacy," about the history of the 1856 First Free Will Baptist Church of Ossipee, Wakefield and Effingham was released the following year, and the latest video on the Great Ring Dike Volcano was released a couple months ago. It is now being sold in several locations (see bottom of story for the list).

During a recent interview, Bradley and Hartog sat in the kitchen of Bradley's Granite Road home where he lives with his wife Patricia. Bradley said he's always loved working with photography and audio/visual projects.

When he retired as special education director at Kingswood Regional High School, he decided to pursue the visual arts as a second career. He formed Pocket Mountain Video, choosing the name for its local historic appeal, in June 2008, and has made three documentaries about the Ossipee area. He also films weddings and special events. Community members may also know Bradley from his work filming numerous local events, meetings, recitals, lectures, and interviews. With support from "Entrepreneurs in Action," a sub-group of the Wolfeboro-based Wentworth Economic Development Corporation, Bradley is growing his business and notes an improvement in the local economy this year compared with last.

What Bradley found was that many people just didn't know much about Ossipee, it's history or unique geology. Here we were, living in the shadows of Wolfeboro on the Big Lake, or serving as a throughway to the White Mountains. Bradley set out to change that.

"Our community is underserved and underappreciated," he said. "We no longer need to live in the shadows of Wolfeboro or Conway."

For his documentaries, Bradley works with narrator and amateur historian John Hartog, an avid reader and retired quality control engineer. He currently is a rural mail carrier and an insurance inspector who also finds time to perform occasionally for local theater groups. But Hartog's main passion is history, with film a close second. "I like film and I watch all the documentaries. I analyze them," he said.

In the volcano

The latest DVD explores one of the most unique and rare geological formations in the world – located right here in Ossipee.

Few of today's visitors to Ossipee may be aware they're playing and living in the shadow of an extinct volcano, according to the film's synopsis. In the film, Hartog and Bradley take you off the beaten path to four unique sites in the Ossipee Mountains. While at only 28:47 minutes long the program is no National Geographic special, it does take viewers to several locations where the ring dike and the caldron of the volcano are visible. Guest speakers in the film include Ossipee Conservation Commission chair Elizabeth Gillette and member Bob Pratt.

Bradley and Hartog said they would make themselves and the film available to community and school groups for special screenings. Just ask. In the meantime the duo is working with the Green Mountain Conservation Group on its next project, a documentary about the Ossipee Watershed.

"Exploring the Great Ring Dike Volcano" DVD is available for $12 at locations including Black's Paper and Gift Store in Wolfeboro, the Country Bookseller, the Remick Museum and Farm shop in Tamworth, Indian Mound Hardware in Ossipee, Camp Sentinel Store on Canaan Valley Road Northland Computers in Ossipee, Ye Olde Sale Shoppe in Effingham, Black Bear Café in Ossipee, Second Time Around shop in Ossipee, the Tamworth Country Store and most local libraries.

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