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Police charge Wakefield couple with local burglaries

July 08, 2010
WAKEFIELD — A young couple has been arrested in connection to about a half dozen residential burglaries in town, including one at the home of the female suspect's mother, according to police.

Amber Brunelle, 20, of Wakefield, turned herself into the Wakefield Police Department on June 30. She faces six felony charges in connection to the burglaries and theft. The alleged crimes took place on Pine River Pond Road, Edward Drive, Lord Drive, David Drive, and Eileen Place. Steven Potter, who was apparently her boyfriend, was arrested over the holiday weekend. Police Chief Ken Fifield said he believes the suspects had been romantically involved.

"That appears to be in the past tense now," said Fifield.

Police documents show that Brunelle began implicating Potter during an interview with police on June 30. Brunelle's charges show that the burglaries occurred between early May and late June. Stolen items include chainsaws, a table saw, a pressure washer, a generator, copper wire, and weed whackers.

"Amber said that Steven Potter committed all the burglaries and that she never entered any of the houses," wrote Wakefield Police Sgt. Brian King. "She drove him to the various locations and sat in the driver's seat of the car while he stole the items."

Wakefield Police allege Brunelle even stole from her own mother's house on Eileen Place on June 10. Items that were allegedly taken from her mother include silver coins, a diamond engagement ring and band, a GPS unit, a power drill, a circular saw, an air compressor, and a large truck mounted toolbox.

"She stole from her own mother to pawn the items for cash," Fifield said adding the investigation led police to various pawnshops all over the state.

Potter, 20,of Dracut Mass, was living with Brunelle at the time of the burglaries. But instead of surrendering, he decided to run. The Nashua Police caught him over the weekend.

"He didn't fight but he didn't turn himself in either, they had to go looking for him, said Fifield.

As of Tuesday, Potter was being held in Carroll County House of Corrections in Ossipee on $25,000 cash bail. He's alleged to be involved with seven crimes including five burglaries and two other thefts.

"They (Brunelle and Potter) could be looking at several years of incarceration," said Fifield.

Wakefield Police have also charged Brunelle with misdemeanor conduct after an accident and violation level reckless operation on June 16 on Route 16. These offenses have nothing to do with the burglary charges, said Fifield.

Brunelle has been released on $2,000 personal recognizance bail and is currently on the county's pretrial release program. She will appear in Southern Carroll County District Court in Ossipee on July 22 and Nov. 22. Potter will appear in Southern Carroll County District Court on July 22.

In other police news, Fifield said his department is looking for leads in regards to a rash of thefts from vehicles. Anyone with information about those crimes is invited to call Wakefield Police at 522-3232.

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