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Salyards Center presents Young Artist Program, July 10

Two one-act comic operas by PORTopera

Performers in the comic opera ‘The Night Bell,’ include (left to right, back row): Rachel Hauge, Joshua Miller and (left to right, front row): Sara Ann Mitchell, Daniel Cyr, and Alexander Nishibon. ‘The Night Bell,’ as well as another comic opera, ‘The Impresario,’ can be seen at the Salyards Center for the Arts on July 10. (Martha Mickles Photo). (click for larger version)
July 08, 2010
Singers for the PORTopera's Young Artist Program were awarded their roles following a national audition process. "The Impresario" was written in 1786 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the same year he composed "The Marriage of Figaro."

"The Impresario" is set in the theater manager's room at the opera house, with the manager juggling the egos of two singers who auditioned for the same role. The rivalry between the two singers causes the impresario to split the character of the opera in two, providing both singers an opportunity to enact the part on the stage simultaneously.

Donizetti's "The Night Bell" ("Il Campanello di Notte") was produced in Naples in 1836. The scene follows the attempts of an unsuccessful lover to prevent his successful rival, an apothecary, from enjoying his wedding night. He succeeds by adorning various disguises, ringing the night bell, and asking for medicine, interrupting any thoughts of romance.

Tickets to the performance are $10 and $15 and are available at the door. Children 12 and under with a parent are free. The Salyards Center is both air conditioned and a handicap accessible building, with some parking available behind the building.

For more information, go to: www.mwvevents.com.

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