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Art-A-Ron-Dack chairs are all the rage in the Valley this summer

They're colorful, comfortable and affordable at any price!

Artist Becky Foster stands beside her chair, which will be on display at Zebís General Store. (Linda Tucker Photo). (click for larger version)
June 24, 2010
The chairs will be on display throughout the season at participating sponsor businesses throughout the Mt. Washington Valley, where they may be bid on for purchase by the public. The opening bid price is $150.

Several artists were in attendance that night, proudly displaying their diverse creative abilities. While onlookers ooh-ed and aah-ed over their favorite entries and artistic talents, Sarah Eastman, from the MWV Arts Association, Linda Pinkham of the MWV Theatre Company and Grant Hacking were assigned the tough job of judging the submissions. The first, second and third place winning chairs will be brought to the Third Annual Fields of the Saco Dinner on Aug. 28, where they will be auctioned off live.

Most of the scenes depicted on the chairs were easily matched by their theme to the businesses which sponsored them. The American Red Cross chair, which will be displayed at Rafferty's Restaurant & Pub, painted by Melissa Mulvey; the Mt. Washington Observatory chair painted by Jonathan Goodwin; and the Metropolitan Coffee House Chair, painted by Nancy Russo, are three examples of chairs done in a subject-related motif.

Others were a little more whimsical, such as the pink flowery chair done by Daphne LeMay for the Mountain Ear and now on display at the Ear's office in Conway, and the Hot Air Balloons over the Mountains, crafted by Janet-Durkee Prescott of Sally's Bags, which will be on display at the Red Jacket.

It was obvious to all spectators that there is a wealth of artistic mastery in the White Mountain region. All of the pieces were visually interesting, colorfully engaging and skillfully portrayed. Each chair instantly invited guests to marvel about the originality of the settings and further inquire about the history behind the artist's chosen view. Everyone from young children to senior citizens could relate to the beauty of nature captured in the quintessential summer paintings.

Anyone wishing to bid on these one-of-a-kind masterpieces can do so in one of three ways. Bidders may tender an offer by visiting a business where the chair is displayed. Or, bids may be submitted via email to jaimie@mtwashing tonvalley.org. Email bids must include your name and phone number, the name of the artist, chair location and your bid amount. Lastly, phone offers are also accepted by calling Mary Seavey at 356-5701, ext. 305. All bidders must be 18 years or older and bids must be in increments of $25.

Profits received from the sale of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place chairs auctioned at the Fields of the Saco dinner will be donated to the MWV Green Team, with the profits from the sale of chairs sponsored by North Conway Village businesses being donated to the North Conway Village Association Events and Marketing Committee. Remaining funds generated from all other chairs will be used for general marketing by the Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce in the promotion of area tourism.

For more information about the Art-A-Ron-Dack program or to view the chairs and place your bids, visit MtWashingtonValley.org or call the Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce at 800-367-3364.

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