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Potter Hill Road traffic analysis completed

June 23, 2010
A traffic analysis on Potter Hill Road has just recently been completed as part of a collaborative effort with the Department of Public Works and the Gilford Police Department to tackle speeding issues on main roads in town.

Now that the summer months are here, the Board of Selectmen said it is common for residents to voice their displeasure with an increase of cars and speeding on roads such as Potter Hill.

Areas of concern include the area by Belknap Mountain Road and the village to just beyond the entrance to the Village Knolls, and by the intersection along Route 11A, where the roads meet.

On June 9, DPW Director Sheldon Morgan and Police Chief John Markland presented a report to the board.

The analysis included traffic counts and speeds from April 27 to May 10 and indicated that out of the 3,025 vehicles, 23.7 percent of traffic on the roads exceeded the 30 mph speed limit, though only 1 percent received speeding tickets.

After looking at the data, Morgan suggested that the board make the 30 mph signs on these particular roads more prominent and focus on signage placement rather than dropping the speed limit any lower.

"It was noted that there were several 30 mph signs scattered along the road, but perhaps they were not in the position where drivers would notice them," wrote Morgan in a letter to the board. "With the traffic counts and related speeds within the parameters of what police use for enforcement, we believe that maintaining good sign visibility, along with making sure that secondary signage is also present, that this would be the appropriate response to citizen concerns."

He added that speed signs and "children related" signs (by the library and the church) have already been redesigned after several complaints of speeding cars in this area were made by residents during board meetings in the past.

Gilford officers also ran stationary or moving radar patrols 10 times from Jan. 6 to Feb. 8 and 11 times from May 18 to May 26. They were instructed to conduct radar patrols in 20 minute increments over the course of this time on Potter Hill Road.

Out of all these patrols, one vehicle was stopped for traveling 41 mph, and the driver was given a warning.

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