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Special town meeting on track for June 30

June 17, 2010
LITTLETON—Last week Grafton County Superior Court approved the town's schedule for a special town meeting to approve a bond to pay $6.3 million to TransCanada for a recent settlement.

On Friday Judge Timothy Vaughn approved the town's request for the two session special town meeting.

The deliberative session will be held June 30 at 6 p.m. in the cafeteria of Littleton High School. The voting session of the meeting will be held throughout the day July 28. Voters will be deciding whether to bond the money necessary to pay the company for the recent settlement. During the settlement, the town agreed to pay $6.3 million to TransCanada, owner of the Moore Dam power generation plant to settle a dispute over the assessed value of the dam.

In 2006 during a town wide property reevaluation, the value of the dam was assessed at $243 million by town assessors, a figure the company disputed. The previous value of the property had been set at $105 million.

After the settlement in March the value was agreed by both parties to be $177 million and the town agreed to pay the company taxes it had overpaid.

A hearing had been scheduled last week to determine whether a town meeting was warranted. According to Town Manager Chuck Connell, the judge signed the papers in his chambers approving the meeting when it became clear there was no one present objecting to the meeting. During a bond hearing held at the high school June 2, only a handful of people showed up to speak on the issue.

Because the voters are being asked to approve a bond, a 60 percent majority will be needed in order for the bond warrant article to pass.

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