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Success will follow Profile grads

Wearing bright, proud smiles and grooving to the tune of Rusted Root’s “Send Me on My Way,” Alexis Wells, left, and Jennifer Gorgone march out of the Profile School gymnasium as alumni of the school at the conclusion of commencement Friday night in Bethlehem. Krystin St. George. (click for larger version)
June 17, 2010
LITTLETON—With a focus on success, talent, originality and some humor thrown in, the Profile School graduating class said goodbye to a chapter of their lives Friday night and hello to a whole new world.

Class President Carter Andross set the tone for the night, queuing up relaxation and fun by donning a multi-colored graduation cap, complete with spinning copter top.

Andross, who said he is "pretty well-known for making formal situations…not so formal," promised not to include clichés in his speech, but reflected on the amazing accomplishments of he and his 45 other classmates over the last 18 years.

"This speech is for the band geeks, the jocks, the troublemakers, the hicks and the ones who didn't quite make it. This speech is for the victories on the playing fields, in the gym and during winter carnival," he said, adding that each of them has touched his life and it will be hard for him to say goodbye to 50 best friends.

Andross concluded by saying, "talent flows through the veins of the Class of 2010 and they are all on track for exceptional things."

Valedictorian Vincent Hansalik and Salutatorian Maggie North echoed the words of Andross in their own ways, looking at the memories and successes of their fellow classmates.

Hansalik noted the success of the sports programs and that the will to succeed of his classmates at sports or winter carnival will extend beyond the field, gym or the school.

"Though it might escape many people, our class sees the opportunity to help others as success in itself." He has seen classmates go out of their way to help a good cause and quoted former Yankee great Yogi Berra when speaking of success and direction: "'If you see a fork in the road, take it,'" Berra said.

He said many people complicate simple things by overanalyzing but that "a true will to succeed comes from uncomplicating life, realizing what truly matters and focusing on it."

He noted a great number of his classmates succeed through simplification and have learned from the adults that have touched their lives.

Before being handed that long-awaited diploma, the graduates also heard from an emotional Kristy Vollmer, class advisor, who began her career at Profile when the Class of 2010 did and guest speaker and Athletic director Jack Bartlett.

Through tears Vollmer said she was "selfishly sad to see [them] leave Profile, but excited to see how life unfolds [for them]."

"From that first year, I knew we were meant to be together," said Vollmer, recalling the success of fundraising of the class as well as their strengths and humorous weaknesses.

Bartlett intertwined a lesson in life, respect and being kind to others with humor and history in a short story he thought the students could relate to and hoped they would get something out of.

Through laughter, some tears and hearing about Ghandi, Anne Frank and some items familiar to the Profile students, Bartlett concluded by having the graduates look him in the eye and said, "Profile may or may not have prepared you for what lies ahead, whether you are attending college or jumping headfirst into today's workforce. We won't know until the time comes for you to perform. However…I can look you in the eye tonight and say with unwavering faith that each and every one of you has the capacity to respect your parents and show kindness to others. I expect nothing less of you. You are, after all, soon-to-be Profile graduates."

After the tassels were changed and caps were flung into the air, Profile's newest alumni danced out of the gymnasium to Rusted Root's "Send Me on My Way," smiles wide and diplomas in hand.

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