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Kingswood Regional High School graduates 181 seniors

GOLD SCHOLAR HANNAH SEIBEL urged her graduating Kingwood classmates to lead extraordinary lives, as her mother, School Board member Charlene Seibel (fourth from right) looks on along with (l-r) Superintendent Jack Robertson, board member James Manning (behind Robertson), board chairman Jack Widmer, Assistant Superintendent Kathleen Cuddy-Egbert (behind Widmer), Seibel, and members James Rines, Stacy Trites and Wendy Fenderson. See more graduation photos on pages A11 and A13. (Heather Terragni photo) (click for larger version)
June 03, 2010
WOLFEBORO — "To the class of 2010 congratulations, to the rest of the world here we come!" These were the parting words said by Nicholas Moulton to his fellow classmates during his benediction speech ending last Saturday's Kingswood Regional High School commencement Ceremony.

"Our days of childhood innocence have come to an end as our lives continue to push on. No word can adequately define this moment better than bittersweet," said Moulton. "We're out of high school… and yet we're left with great responsibilities, whether they be working, studying further or serving our countries in the armed forces."

After a spring full of banquets, activities and rehearsals members of the Class of 2010 finalized their Kingswood Regional High School careers Saturday, May 29 with a traditional commencement ceremony. The first class ever to graduate off the Kingswood campus, hundreds of proud parents, family, friends and faculty met the seniors at The Nick to support and congratulate them as their high school days came to fruition.

A lot of hard work, some self-discipline and a bit of luck lead each of the 181 students to this day when a small chapter of their lives could be closed and a much larger chapter full of new characters, strange destinations and a much more complicated plot could begin.

To the tune of "Pomp and Circumstance" played by the Kingswood Symphonic Band directed by Don Liedke, Class Marshals Hannah Estes and Paul Rainville lead the soon-to-be alumni through the crowd of loved ones to their seats where they anxiously awaited their names be called, but not before several of their classmates and WMUR Channel 9 Sports Director Jamie Staton had a chance to address the class.

"On behalf of the class of 2010 I'd like to express how glad we are for the beautiful weather and for being here today with our friends, family and each other," began Kelsey Trites, who gave the invocation. "We are so thankful to have made it this far and that we will continue to grow and improve as we go on our own ways. We could not have done it alone."

A beautiful rendition of the National Anthem was sung by three members of the class, Kristina Adjutant, Haylea Erickson, and Hayley Hawksley. Class President Kaylee Moore welcomed everyone by summing up her classmates' many achievements during the past 13-year journey and how now they are being given the independence to do what they want with their lives.

"As we find ourselves only speeches away from receiving our diplomas and officially becoming high school graduates I want each one of my class mates to look around and realize that today we are all the same in our caps and gowns; just high school seniors with the same goal in mind, to leave here with a little but significant piece of paper that says 'you achieved something great'."

"You will only get out what you put in" she warned her peers. "If you want the most out of life, than make the most of it."

Governor Wentworth Regional School Board Chair John Widmer congratulated and introduced the top two gold scholars of the graduating class.

"To be a gold scholar is an especially meaningful award because being a gold scholar is not evidence of only academic achievement but also outstanding leadership and service to the community," explained Widmer.

Students attaining gold scholar status must maintain a grade point average of 3.4, score proficient or higher on annual state testing, enroll in two or three advanced placement courses, participate in at least two extracurricular activities, participate in the junior/senior honors program, and provide a minimum of 10 hours of service to the community. Despite all these rigorous requirements 29 students achieved gold scholar status, 43 achieved silver scholar status and 37 earned green and white scholar status. All of these students excelled in academics, citizenship and community service, and combined put in over 5,000 hours of service to the community.

"You are a group we can all be proud of, both as a group and individuals," Widmer concluded.

Hannah Seibel, the second-ranked gold scholar, donned in a flower decorated cap and florescent green sunglasses, gave an animated speech interspersed with various song lyrics and famous quotes. From Bob Dylan to music group Carbon Leaf, Anne Frank to Bill Gates, and Dean Martin to Phil Collins, Seibel's quotes proved perfect for this memorable occasion.

"Live a life less ordinary, live a life extraordinary, live a life less sedentary, live a life evolutionary," was one such quote from music group Carbon Leaf.

Don't be afraid to make mistakes, but rather take responsibility for them and learn from them, was one of the messages Seibel shared. "This is our time to follow our dreams without hesitation."

"My hope for all of you today and for the future is simply stated by Walt Whitman," shared Seibel. "'Keep your face always towards the sunshine and shadows will fall behind you'."

The number one scholar John Jamieson, proved equally as good a public speaker while addressing his classmates and reminding them to thank everyone who helped them get to where they are today.

"High school may be over but that doesn't mean your education has to be," said Jamieson. No matter what endeavors are to be pursued by his classmates he encouraged them to "strive to learn more about the world around you. Get to know your coworkers or classmates, make new friendships and learn from their experiences as well as your own." He got laughs from the audience by summing up the event as best he could with a quote from Vice President Joe Biden, "This is big deal."

As is tradition, each class bestows upon the school and its future generations of students a "class gift." This year Dan Cronin, Joseph Scherr, Micaela Rines, and Ryan McManus presented two class gifts.

In the hope of leaving a lasting impression on Kingswood, the class of 2010 has left $1,000 to go toward having the school logo embedded into the new school lobby, and an additional $1,000 was donated to go towards the Grad Night program. Principal Guy Donnelly was also presented with a class t-shirt.

Chosen by the students, WMUR Channel 9 sports director and weekday sports anchor Jamie Staton, gave a comedic speech full of praise for our local coaches, sports teams and athletes, laced with what he knows best, sports clichés.

"You guys are walking into a whole new ball game… you're setting out on a journey literally with a world of opportunities..." He encouraged the graduates to "bring your 'A' game, give it 110 percent and turn up the intensity" when faced with their next challenges in life.

In all seriousness though, before handing out Channel 9 frisbees for Class President Kaylee Moore to throw to he classmates, Staton imparted two words of wisdom, "Work hard."

"How hard you work is the one thing you can control in your future," said Staton. "For the rest of your life your going to be up against people who are smarter, better looking, faster, stronger, quicker…but the one thing that you can control from here on out is how hard you work… Have a dream and dream big, go after it with everything you have and then make it happen."

With the help of Principal Guy Donnelly and school board Chair John Widmer, Superintendent Jack Robertson, passed out diplomas to each of the deserving students.


Joseph Adams, Kristina M. Adjutant, Allison B. Ames, Jillian N. Ames, Vincent J. Amico, Paul A. Anderson, Ethan J. Applei, Timothy Arguin, David K. Avery, Mitchell W. Axtell, Alexandra Bates, Rebecca Behr, Michayla Belanger, Angela Bergeron, Renee N. Bernier, Kathlynn M. Billings, Cole E. Boggs, Michael L. Botta, Matthew J. Boucher*, Jessica H. Bradbury, Nathan E. Braun*, Derek Brockney, Evan M. Brown, Katherine Brown*+, Matthew Brown, J. Eric Brunelle, Katherine B. Buchanan*, Ami Buttrick, Ashley C. Caddell, Marissa N. Camp*, Jessica J. Campion, Joseph J. Canty, Cooper A. Carbone, Kaleigh E. Carney, Elizabeth J. Chick, Courtney L. Cleveland, Angelina M. Corliss, Daniel E. Cronin*+, Erin C. Deely, Rachel L. Delaney, Susan J. Dennett, Benjamin P. Donahue, Samantha C. Donnelly, Jean-Marc K. Dorestant, Matthew Dow, Renee E. Drakely, Meagan Dufault, Samantha Durkin, Kathryn A. Eastman, Audrianna L. Eldridge, Joshua R. Eldridge, Krista L. Enderson, Haylea M. Erickson*, Hannah M. Estes, Samuel J. Fagan, Aaron J. Farrell-Vaillancourt, Kristin A. Fortier, Adam T. Foss, Nicholas French, Wyatt K. French, Madisen A. Full, Brianne M. Garland, Jordan E. Gattermann, Kelly L. Gaynor*+, Nikki Glidden, Elizabeth L. Gray, Zachary R. Grondin, Andrew Hamill, Hudson G. Hammer, Olga B. Hannon, David T. Harrigan*, Michael S. Harris*, Shand V. Haughey, Hayley Hawksley, William R. Hayman III, Brittany N. Heckman, Jessika Hodgdon, Joshua Jackson, John J. Jamieson*+, Laura R. Jay, Brian M. Jenckes, Aris L. Kitsios, Brad C. Labrecque, Brian J. Lebrecque, Richard R. Lamere, Olivia A. Laracuenti, Bethany A. LaRochelle, Jonathan B. Lauer, Morgan Lineham, Cory Ling, Jacob D. Logemann, James A. Lord, Katrina P. Lord, William S. Lord, Dylan Lovering*, Erin M. Luckern, Alison M. MacDonald, Billy MacMartin, Jacy M. MacNeil, Dana Mahar, Sarah H. Mason*+, Whitney O. McBride-Bushman, Jessica McCall*, April G. McCarriston, Ryan M. McManus, Maritsa E. Medina, Nicholas R. Melewski, Alexander Mitchum, Reginald R. Moody, Kaylee K. Moore*+, Seth Moore, Nicholas R. Moulton, Megan Murfey, Johnathan P. Nason, Kathryn O. Nelson*, Casey Newton, Monica B. Nicholson, Shawn R. Nielson, Mia Norton, Giulio Palau, Shelby C. Parton*+, Ryan W. Patten, Meredith Perham*+, Lindsey N. Perry, Meagan Pike, Colin Piper, Scott A. Quigley, Paul Rainville*, Micaela N. Rines*, Jocelyn N. Rogers-Hamalainen, Meghan R. Rothermel, Brandon A. Roy, Jeffrey P. Runnals Jr., Jillian M. Runnals, Hayley M. Rutter, Felipe A. Salgado, Brandi A. Sanborn, Jessica M. Sargent, Jacqueline W. Savage, Nicolette Savage, Joseph D. Scherr*, Hannah M. Seibel*, Hester Selle*+, Lisa Sevigny, Amanda Shagoury, Haley Shannon, Karl U. Simon, Clayton T. Skinner, Ryan T. Smith, Kevin D. Smithwood*, Andrew J. Souther, Erin Ceara Southerland, Brendan Stackhouse*+, Cody J. Stuart, Dalton J. Stuart, Alexandria W. Swett, Kyle Szapiel, Michael Thurston, Sarah M. Tierney*, Dakota Treloar, Bryant M. Tremblay, Kelsey E. Trites*+, Kristin M. Trowbridge, Michelle S. Tuttle, Megan L. Tyler, Kristopher A. Upson, Jacob S. VanMalden, Rachel A. Verville, Tia M. Waddington, Samuel C. Walsh, William Watson*, Stacie E. Wesinger, Joshua D. Weston, Devin Whelan, Andrew Wood*, Joel T. Wotton, Amber Wyatt-Nichols, Sophia Zavas and Aaron Zikking.

* = Gold Scholar

+ = National Honor Society

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