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Wolfeboro honors Memorial Day with parade and speeches

June 03, 2010
WOLFEBORO — Servicemen and women gathered in Wolfeboro on Monday. May 31, to honor those who've served in the armed forces and those who've lost their lives fighting for this country to protect its many freedoms.

Several branches of service including the Army, Marines and Navy were represented in the Memorial Day parade that progressed from Brewster Field to Cate Park, decorating monuments at Carpenter Elementary School, the Wolfeboro Post Office and Dockside along the way.

Also in the parade were members of the Kingswood band directed by Don Liedke and lead by a single majorette, the American Legion Harriman-Hale Post 18, Boy Scouts, and the Ladies Auxiliary.

At the parade's end American Legion Post 18 Commander Harold Chamberlain welcomed the assembled crowd and introduced Rev. David Lindsay, who served as chaplain of the ceremony.

"Again our nation has assembled to honor its heroic dead. A thousand battles of land, sea, and air echo the glory of their valiant deeds… Because of them our lives are free, because of them our nation lives," said Chamberlain.

State Senator and former Congressman Jeb Bradley addressed the crowd from the Cate Park Bandstand as well.

"It is indeed an honor for me to be able to participate in a small way in this ceremony as our nation pauses on this Memorial Day to pay tribute to those among us, many generations before us, and generations of Americans yet to come who will pay or have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms," said Bradley. "The very freedoms that we enjoy today to be able to peaceably assemble and honor our country and honor those who have made this fundamental liberty so much a part of our tradition. It is critically important that not only today on Memorial Day but on all of the rest of the days that we remember those who have fought for our freedoms and those who continue in many far away lands to fight for those very same freedoms today."

Bradley said he hoped that everyone would join him following the ceremony at the bridge dedication honoring "home grown patriot," Corporal Matthew J. Stanley "who gave the last full measure of his devotion for our country several years ago in Iraq." Bradley encouraged all to "honor Stanley and his family and all the troops that have served so nobly to protect our freedoms."

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