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Plymouth Regional Chamber of Commerce awarded Grant

May 21, 2010
PLYMOUTH — The Plymouth Regional Chamber of Commerce has announced that they have been awarded a USDA Rural Business Enterprise Grant of $74,260 to provide Technical Assistance to regional businesses.

The Chamber's Executive Director Scott Stephens reports, "we recognized the great need to assist existing businesses in surviving the recession and to help local entrepreneurs start their own enterprises. There is not a program available like this in the region, and as a Chamber we see this as one or our major benefits we need to provide for the business community, so we created the program and applied for grant funding. With part of this RBEG funding, the Chamber will hire a Business Development Officer whose mission will be to strategically research, create, facilitate, and support growth opportunities for small and emerging businesses."

Executive Director Stephens adds, "On their own, a small business does not have the time and resources to seek out this strategic level of assistance, which is where the efforts of the Chamber, Business Development Officer and this program come into play. We have partnered with Plymouth State University's Small Business Institute, and a number of key regional businesses, who collectively have added to the grant with additional matching funds of over $58,940 of services, to make this a $133,200 Technical Assistance Program over the next 2 years." This Rural Business Enterprise Grant will greatly enhance the Plymouth Regional Chamber's efforts in economic support and development of the business community. All regional businesses will have access to this assistance, regardless of chamber affiliation, and it will be provided free of charge. Stephens continues, "to really make this work, this service is designed to be available to all our regional businesses. With the RBEG Grant and supporting regional funds, this program can be conducted without any additional costs incurred by the Chamber or assisted businesses, so it's a win-win for all involved."

The Plymouth Regional Chamber of Commerce serves the business community by promoting the greater Plymouth area as a unique place to live, work and play; recognizing its business, social, and economic opportunities. For more information, contact Scott Stephens, Executive Director at 536-1001 or scott@plymouthnh.org.

Varney Smith
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