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$10,000 donated to Community House

April 21, 2010
LITTLETON—Last week the Community House became $20,000 richer, bringing the goal of restoring the center's closer to fruition.

Chris Hodge, vice president of the local Lions Club, presented the donation to Community House board members during a brief ceremony at the center on behalf of the club last Thursday.

"The building really is an icon of Littleton," Hodge said. "The Community House and the Annex are the only two buildings in town on the National Register of Historic Places." It was a worthy project for the Club, members agreed.

The donation is especially important, Hodge said, because it activates matching funds that will be contributed by the town for the private building, which is used for many town activities, including many board meetings. At town meeting last month voters approved up to $30,000 in dollar for dollar matching funds. The $10,000 from the Lions Club will be matched by $10,000 from the town.

The Lions Club contributes over $30,000 in donations to area causes, including eight $1,000 scholarships to Littleton High School students, Hodge said. Most of the money is raised during the Club's annual car show, which is an annual fixture in Littleton in late September.

The Lions Club, which is made up of 22 members from the local area, meets twice a month in the Community House. They had been looking for a capital project to which to make a sizeable donation that would make a large local impact. Hodge said they looked around them during their meetings and saw the need.

"What better project than helping to fix an icon of the town?" Hodge said.

The house and annex are in need of some serious structural and cosmetic repairs, Hodge said. Both need to be brought into compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). The Annex needs a new roof, the current leaks quite a bit, Hodge said. The heating and flooring system in the Annex are at the top of any repair list, however, Hodge said.

Hodge said the plan for the Annex is to lift the building up, fill the existing crawlspace under there with concrete and put in radiant heating. The building also needs to be insulated.

"It's freezing in there, there's no insulation at all," Hodge said. "The whole place is in dire need of repair."

Hodge said the Club is also ready to donate "sweat equity"—having members of the Club volunteer during some of the work at the Center.

In addition to the Lions Club donation, the Community House is going to apply for a grant to sell tax credits, which could be used towards paying for repairs, Hodge said. He is helping the facility apply through those and has been contracted through his company, Eastern Construction Management, to perform these tasks.

Members of the Community House board referred questions on the matter of the donation to Roxanne Bowker, president of the Board of Directors, who could not be reached for comment.

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