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New fire station to be built on Gould property

Tuftonboro homes selling for less than assessed value

April 08, 2010
TUFTONBORO — Chairman of the Tuftonboro Board of Selectmen Carolyn Sundquist announced that the board has come to a decision to build the new fire station on the Gould property and has sent out ads for architects to develop plans that can allow for building in phases if need be.

The decision, made at their March 26 work session, marks a step forward after months of discussions, including a presentation by a town-appointed committee and assessment of voter preferences.

Sundquist also reported that the audit has been finalized and everything is in order, with one recommendation that an engineer hired by the Conservation Commission should have liability insurance.

The compensation board has informed selectmen that there is no conflict of interest in having town employees on the committee established to study compensation for employees in preparation for next year's budget an issue raised during public input at the last meeting. The committee is advisory only and will be engaged in gathering information. Sundquist said several people had approached her who said they thought it was a good idea to include employees in the process.

The Local Government Center has indicated that the 2009 salary information is not reliable to use for comparisons, since some towns included benefits with salaries and others didn't.

Tuftonboro has received a $29,000 grant for a 110,000 BTU per hour wood pellet boiler to be installed at the Town House upon approval at the public hearing to be held during the selectmen's April 26 meeting at the town office building.

Assessment ratio

The word from the Department of Revenue Administration is that based on 32 sales in Tuftonboro, the median ratio of the assessed value to the market sale price is 107.6 percent, which means that houses are currently appraised at more than the market value. A closer look at the numbers reveals that the least expensive homes are losing value while the upper end, or higher priced, homes are doing more than holding their own.

In fact, the waterfront property ratio is 76.5, showing that those properties are under-assessed. The ratio for residential land (without a residence) is 127.9, a sign that home building is down. Single-family homes earned the ratio of 107.6 percent.

Two years of records will be part of an appraisal study, which should result in information to residents by the end of the summer.

Police department update

Chief Andrew Shagoury reported that at present, the department is involved in some "larger investigations involving other departments" that center on prescription drugs and heroin. Other than that, officers were in court on five days in March. All other statistics show that this year is similar to last year, with the exception that there have been fewer motor vehicle stops to date.

Other business

Selectman Dan Duffy reminded the public that the New Hampshire Lakes Association will be coordinating training for volunteers who would like to assist in the eradication of milfoil in Tuftonboro water bodies and beyond. So far, John Ratcliffe and Jim Bean have volunteered to be trained as divers in harvesting the invasive weed, and Duffy is interested in being on board the boats. Others are needed to take in the harvest on the boat or to shuttle it to the collection vehicles. Anyone interested in the program is invited to call Ted Aldrich at 446-3375.

The Kingswood Little League has offered to clean up Davis Field in preparation for baseball season.

DNC Surveyors of Gilford have been selected to do the perambulation of the Tuftonboro and Ossipee town line.

Anyone interested in joining Dan Duffy in doing some community service work at the Veteran's Hospital in Tilton is encouraged to make that interest known.

Sundquist again asks that residents who are unhappy with Time-Warner's television coverage write a letter to the company with specific complaints and send a copy to the selectmen to have on file.

The next selectman's meeting is set for 9 a.m. on April 12 at the town office building.

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