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Moultonboro, Inter-Lakes continue cooperative football discussions

April 07, 2010
MEREDITH — The Inter-Lakes School Board is expected to take action at their next meeting on a possible cooperative football team with Moultonboro Academy.

Inter-Lakes Athletic Director Anne Galligan with Moultonboro Athletic Director Harry Blood appeared before Inter-Lakes School Board to discuss options for a cooperative team.

Blood said the matter was discussed with the Inter-Lakes board a year ago for a possible cooperative team football team between Inter-Lakes and Moultonboro. The matter had already passed the NHIAA, but stalled with earlier rejections by Moultonboro's School Board. Blood said with the help of around 80 parents and friends of the program, the initiative was brought back with School Board approval.

Blood said there were 18 students committed to joining the team. In the first year they would only be Junior Varsity. With enrollment expected to drop in the second year, Blood said the numbers would still follow Division 6 numbers.

The initial plan would be a two-year plan that would be reviewed again in 2012 and rewritten in 2011 for the following two years.

Moultonboro students interested in the program also include students interested in the Spirit team.

"We have seen the benefit of regionalized utilization of resources," said Inter-Lakes Superintendent Phil McCormack. "Not every school in this Lakes Region can afford to provide that opportunity."

McCormack said the review was taking place that night to get ready for possible action during the next School Board Meeting. Action at the next meeting would put the program in compliance with the NHIAA's timeline.

The next step would be a letter of agreement between the two groups for the cooperative team.

Contributions would be a 60/40 split between the two schools based on each school's enrollment. The Moultonboro School District is not providing any money for the program for the first two years. Blood said the Friends of Moultonboro Football would make up the difference between what was provided by the Inter-Lakes boosters and School District.

McCormack said there is no intention of having a quota of students from either school and he said possible cutting of students is not foreseeable.

Blood said football can have a higher number of students. Galligan said the 18 from Moultonboro would have 38 students in the program, a number that would fit easily into the Junior Varsity program and there are enough coaches and volunteers to work with them.

Blood said if Moultonboro is included in the program, the cost to the Inter-Lakes District would go down.

The matter will be discussed again at the next meeting on April 13.

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