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Road rally, reality TV coming to Berlin

March 31, 2010
BERLIN — The city will play host to one more powersport event this summer, if plans come together for a racing reality show called Robin Hood Rally.

Part television, part road race, the Robin Hood Rally is a reality television show that will focus on a series of road races across the country. Berlin will be the first stop on the race circuit, according organizers, with two days of events on May 21 and 22. Other stops will include New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia and Louisiana between May an November.

Prizes include a Ferrari, a Porsche and a Corvette, though the Berlin portion of the race will be just the first leg.

"We would like to generate $100,000 for the city," Stephan Condodemetraky, executive producer for the program, told the Berlin city council last week. "That is our plan. That is our goal."

The rally race will be made into a television show that will combine 15 minutes about racers, 15 minutes about the city and 15 minutes of racing, he said. "We will definitely showcase Berlin itself on out TV show."

The race will join Thunder In The Mountains, Drive Into The 50s, the Northern Forest Rally and the Jericho Mountain ATV Festival to create a fifth summer powersports event in Berlin.

The rally will be a race up an undisclosed state road, Mr. Condodemetraky said, near water. The road has to remain secret, he said, to ensure all competitors are on a level playing field when they race.

Organizers already have contracts and agreements with the New Hampshire Department of Transportation and State Police, and the road will be closed for the race. Various city departments, like police and fire, will also help out putting on the production.

The city won't incur any costs, Mr. Condodemetraky said, but they will hopefully reap much of the benefits. The city will keep all the spectator funds, he said, plus the city will get featured on television.

Part of the theme is to highlight the host city, he said. The race will occur entirely outside the city limits, and many of the accompanying events will take place in surrounding communities, he said, but Berlin is considered the host.

The technical review of the cars will be at the Town and Country Motor Inn in Gorham, he said, but they would like to hold a cocktail party in the Berlin city hall.

The production will also be responsible for any damage they do.

"We break it, we buy it," Mr. Condodemetraky said.

He said they will set up spectator viewing areas at locations where things might get exciting, but unlike Nascar road racing doesn't allow people to see the entire course. There will be good viewing, however, he said.

And that viewing will only be the first time; people will be able to watch the race a second time on TV.

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