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Road work plan for 2010 announced

Murray requests work be added for Pleasant Valley Road

March 25, 2010
WOLFEBORO — Public Works Director Dave Ford presented his plan for 2010 road work to selectmen at their March 17 meeting.

The plan is based on the $550,000 approved by voters for Wolfeboro roads on March 9.

Ford began his presentation by pointing out that Wolfeboro has 64 miles of roads, including 10 miles of unpaved, gravel roads. He said he gets lots of complaints about road conditions, and in the past year Pleasant Valley Road has received the most complaints. That road is 2.5 miles long, and to fix it properly it needs to be rebuilt, like North Line Road was over the past two years. Ford estimated that about half of Pleasant Valley Road needs to be completely rebuilt and half reclaimed. Reclaiming involves grinding up the pavement, regarding the road and then paving it.

"The key to good roads is drainage, drainage, drainage," Ford said. To keep water from undermining the road a plan is needed that identifies where culverts need to be added or replaced and where state wetlands permits are needed. In 2010 such a detailed plan will be developed for Pleasant Valley Road at a cost of $15,000. Actual work on the road will begin in 2011.

The mostly costly project on the 2010 plan is the reclaiming of 2,600 feet of Bay Street from the boat storage area to Pine Hill Road/Route 109A, with a projected cost of $173,325. The work includes reclaiming and grading the road, draingage, curb and shoulder work and two courses of paving.

The next three projects by size are shimming and paving College Road from the fire pond to Bryant Road (5,417 feet, 1.75 inches of paving total, $98,720); reclaiming and grading Lehner and School Streets and 600 feet of Glendon Street (1,120 feet, 3 inches of paving total, $98,063); and putting a final course of pavement on the lower section of North Line Road (5,421 feet, one inch paving, $61,056).

The work on Glendon, Lehner and School Streets includes repairing sidewalks. Most of that sidewalk work, from Foss Field to Carpenter School, will be paid for by a Safe Routes to School Grant of $150,000 the town has received from the N.H. Department of Transportation (DOT). The Safe Routes grant also covers sidewalks at the Kingswood complex.

Selectman Sarah Silk asked about the section of College Road from Route 28 to the fire pond. Ford said that section would have to be reclaimed before it can be paved.

Two other planned road projects are being funded largely through Hazard Mitigation Grants (the grants pay 75 percent of the cost and the town covers the remaining 25 percent): installing culverts and repaving 1,500 feet of Varney Road ($37,000 town portion) and enlarging culverts and raising the grade on 1,000 feet of Trask Mountain Road ($12,000 town portion).

The final two projects planned for 2010 are the repaving of 1,362 feet of Brown Road ($19,512) and reclaiming and paving of 940 feet of Pleasant Street from Sewall Road to Oak Street ($11,838). Adding in a 4.5 percent contingency to the 3.7 miles of projects listed brings the total to $550,000.

Ford also announced that the state will be repaving Center Street this year from the junction with Route 109A to the point at the 7-11 Store where Route 109 turns toward Brookfield. The state's original plan was to start at Pickering Corner, but Ford was able to persuade DOT to skip the section from Pickering Corner to Route 109A to allow the town to complete its Center Street drainage project in the area between Pine and Grove Streets, and to help fund the work.

A plea for Pleasant Valley Road

Selectman Linda Murray, who lives off of Pleasant Valley Road, handed out photographs of some of the worst sections of that road. She asked if something could be done in 2010 even if the work is limited and temporary. Otherwise, she said, residents who use that road will have to wait 14 or 15 months based on Ford's proposed plan, and the frost heaves will be even worse next year.

Ford said he thought it might be possible to do a shim coat in the worst spots for about $15,000, based on better pricing from Pike than estimated, and assuming that the $23,486 set aside in the 4.5 percent contingency is not all needed.

Murray moved that the board approve up to $15,000 for Pleasant Valley Road repairs in the worst spots. The motion passed 5-0.

Ford stated that his department will respond to requests to repair potholes. "We just can't do much about frost heaves," he said.

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