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Clark takes fire commission race with strong support from both towns

March 10, 2010
TILTON/NORTHFIELD — Pat Clark won the Tilton-Northfield fire Commission seat over incumbent Kevin Waldron Tuesday by a 76 vote margin, garnering 260 votes in Tilton and 236 in Northfield.

Clark, who lives in Tilton, campaigned on his belief that the district, facing a possible dissolution through a petitioned warrant article next Monday, has too rich of a history to be given up on. He acknowledged a riff between the two towns but considered it a "bump in the road and a natural course of events." In seeking the opening on the Fire Commission, Clark said he hoped residents in Tilton and Northfield would vote to keep the district intact and work together for the betterment of both communities.

"A fire department in Northfield and one in Tilton would only be a duplication of services and ultimately cost residents in both towns more money," he said at a recent meeting for the district.

Clark said Tuesday that he was pleased with the win and looked forward to working for the good of the district. He also acknowledged it may be tough going in the beginning as the commission will need to regain the trust of the residents in both towns.

"My goal is to pull the district back together in a positive fashion so everyone can have confidence in it once again," he said.

Clark has been involved with the district in the past year as he chaired the committee writing the bylaws for TNFD, which will also be presented for voter approval at the Annual District Meeting next week. A long time volunteer in the community, he now looks forward to working with Commissioners Tom Gallant and Paul Auger.

Waldron received 96 votes in Tilton and a strong show of support in Northfield with 324 of the votes in that town. He submitted the following comment late Tuesday evening after the results were announced.

"If I were a politician, I'd be crushed. But I'm not so I'll be OK.

Pat Clark was selling snake oil and people lined up to buy it. I hope the taxpayers of the District are prepared to bend over, grab their ankles and kiss their wallets good-bye.

I have nothing to be ashamed of or sorry for. The fact is, I am 100 percent real and most people don't deal well with that.

How often have we heard people in Tilton say this isn't a Tilton versus Northfield thing? Compare the results. In Tilton there were 356 valid votes. 73 percent Clark, 23 percent Waldron. In Northfield there were 560 valid votes. 58 percent Waldron, 42 percent Clark. That makes it perfectly clear that the majority of people in Tilton believe that it is in fact Tilton versus Northfield, and the people in Northfield do not. If it always hasn't been, they have shown that it is now. Believing anything else is buying more snake oil.

The people of Tilton should be especially proud of the members of their Select board who were present at the Winnisquam Regional Middle School and the Pines Community Center when the results were announced for the totally unprofessional conduct displayed by them."

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