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Voters support lacrosse team

March 10, 2010
Voters Tuesday approved a citizen petition to help fund the JV and varsity Gilford High School lacrosse teams to the tune of $17,603.

The article passed in a close call with a 741 winning vote, and a 627 vote against the funding request. The in funding will be an ongoing appropriation and will spread across the boys and girls lacrosse teams for coaching, referee fees, transportation, and so on, while the club and players will still cover the cost of their own uniforms and equipment.

Dan Kallmerten, a coach and director of the Gilford lacrosse program, helped start up the club 7 years ago, and has remained one of the largest local advocates for the sport of lacrosse, since he and his son were both players as well. He said that about 70 players come out each spring season to participate on the four rapidly growing boys and girls lacrosse teams.

Kallmerten said the sport has continued to grow at GHS and in the state, and that the cost of personalized equipment and uniforms is anything but cheap for players. He said it was about time that the lacrosse team received the same funding as the other sports teams, since it has proved to be just as successful, and does share equal numbers in player turnouts.

Although the Budget Committee did not favor this warrant article the first time around, they did recommend the article during their second vote, along with School Board who has supported the request for funding the lacrosse team all along, and said they like to produce "well-rounded" students who have academics and athletics under their belts.

Kallmerten said he was more than happy to hear the news when Article IV passed last Tuesday night.

"I think it is wonderful and I am really excited. I think everything is going the way we wanted it to, and now we can support the athletes and the program," said Kallmerten. "This is great news since our season starts in two weeks. I couldn't be happier."

Kallmerten said he was not entirely sure which way the vote was going to lean, especially considering the "financial climate."

"It think it takes a great deal of heart for someone to vote for this. I don't think anyone disagrees with the program, but the matter of funding it," said Kallmerten. "I feel very fortunate that it did pass."

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