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Carty reelected to Meredith School Board seat

March 10, 2010
MEREDITH — Incumbent Jack Carty will remain on the Inter-Lakes School Board after beating opponent Chris Mega in two out of three district towns.

Carty, the current School Board Chair, was reelected to another term in the Meredith seat following the result of Tuesday's voting in Meredith, Center Harbor, and Sandwich.

Carty has served on the Board for six years. He recently took heat for the Board's decision to hold to a 1.25 percent budget increase, resulting in almost $800,000 in proposed cuts before last week's district meeting. Proposed cuts included moving the sixth grade at Sandwich Central School to the Inter-Lakes Middle Tier, eliminating a fifth grade teacher, and cutting into several co-curricular activities among others.

At the March 3 District meeting, $792,152 was put back into the budget through amendments made and approved by voters.

In Tuesday's election, Carty received 917 total votes across the district with 647 in Meredith, 116 in Center Harbor, and 154 in Sandwich.

Carty said he had faith that there were average people in the community interested in the system who would vote for him.

"I had an awful lot of help from people, just volunteered and stepped up, made calls emails," Carty said. "It was really kind of phenomenal thing, it was really kind of humbling all the folks who were willing to step out and help you.

Carty said he is not coming into his new term with any specific plans immediately.

"The School Board is pretty well established for at least another year and we can start addressing the problems that we got."

Carty said these issues include the NECAP scores in math, especially in the high school as well as overall financial issues.

"We've got a huge amount of money in the budget," he said. "What do we do with it constructively? I think we ought to take a very, very hard look; need to go back and take a very serious look at what money there is and what we're going to do about it. (The) option does not include automatically spending all of it."

Opponent Chris Mega received 823 votes across the district. Mega took the majority of the vote in Sandwich with 387 votes, though received 373 in Meredith and 63 in Center Harbor.

Mega said he ran for the position due to dissatisfaction with Board procedure and budgeting. He is the current Chair of the New Hampshire Symphony Orchestra and said he would bring his board experience as well as his financial and management experience to the position.

Mega was unavailable for comment.

Center Harbor representative Rebecca Alosa will also return to the Board despite a write-in campaign for Sally Smith.

Alosa received 719 votes in Meredith, 178 votes in Center Harbor, and 311 votes in Sandwich.

Smith received 210 votes in Sandwich and 76 votes in Meredith, though no measurable amount of votes from Center Harbor.

Moderator Lee Quimby will also return after running uncontested in all three towns. Quimby received 904 votes in Meredith, 191 in Center Harbor, and 595 in Sandwich.

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