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Governor Wentworth voters give thumbs-up to board's requests

March 11, 2010
REGION — Voters across the Governor Wentworth Regional School District's six towns sent a message on Tuesday that they are happy with the way things are going.

Incumbent Diane Drelick was easily returned to her seat for another three years in the only contested race on the ballot and voters passed all of the ballot questions with relative ease, paving the way for the school board to continue with its work for another year.

Drelick, the school board member from Effingham, fended off a challenge from William Piekut, winning the entire district by a 1,856-793 count. Interestingly enough, the town with the closest results in the race was the candidates' hometown, where Drelick squeaked by Piekut by less than 20 votes, 112-94. Drelick did best in Brookfield, where she won 82 percent of the vote, 163-36.

James Rines, the board member from Ossipee, was unopposed in his bid for another three-year term, and picked up 2,896 votes.

Donald Meader earned another three years as the school board member at large, picking up 2,941 votes.

Randy Walker will once again serve as the school district's moderator after having his name checked off on 2,978 ballots across the district.

All six of the Warrant articles put forth by the school board passed with voters by wide margins.

Article II, which asked voters to raise $301,722 to pay off incurring debt as a result of the construction of the school buildings, including the purchase of sites and any additions or renovations of school buildings and authorize the withdrawal of that amount from the debt retirement fund created for that purpose, passed easily, 2,656-893.

Article III, which sought to give the board permission to pursue "Build America Bonds," if deemed feasible, for the construction of the Kingswood complex, passed easily, 2,664-861.

Article IV was a one-year extension of the collective bargaining agreement between the school board and the Governor Wentworth Education Association, with no increases in wage scale and no changes in the benefits provided in the current contract, which ends June 30, 2011. This passed 2,949-564, the largest margin of any article.

Article V asked voters to approve a one-year extension of the collective bargaining agreement between the school board and the Governor Wentworth Administrative Team, also with no salary increases and no changes in the benefits included in the current contract. This passed 2,929-561.

Article VI asked voters to raise the sum of $150,000 for basic repairs and improvements to the buildings and grounds throughout the district. This passed 2,740-744.

Article VII was the school board's operating budget, set at $43,406,009. This passed by a vote of 2,580-838.

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