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Wakefield has a new selectman

Kasprzyk beats O'Connor in contested race

March 10, 2010
WAKEFIELD — Nearly 800 voters cast ballots in Tuesday's election.

In one of a handful of contested races, residents elected Peter Kasprzyk, a school board member and former budget and conservation commission member, for selectmen with 486 votes, to Jerry O'Connor's 281 votes. Former selectman John Blackwood did not seek reelection to the select board, but did earn a seat on the planning board and as cemetery trustee.

In a five-way race for two, three year seats on the planning board, Blackwood, the long time board rep to the planning board, earned a set with 392 votes and Paul Winckler earned the second seat with 353 votes. Runners up included Rod Cools with 180 votes, Tom Dube with 201 votes, and Dave Mankus with 241 votes.

In a six way race for three, three year seats on the budget committee, incumbent chair Howie Knight earned 454 votes, Mark Cotton earned 385 votes and Charlie Edwards earned the third seat with 279 votes. Runners up Rodney Cools received 263 votes, Fred Elliot received 213 votes and Craig Farley received 222 votes.

In the third contested race, for cemetery trustee, John Blackwood won with 433 votes over incumbent cemetery sexton David Mankus' 301 votes. In a fourth contested race, incumbent Dennis Miller earned 386 votes versus 314 votes cast for Relf Fogg.

In uncontested races, Moderator Brad Hayes earned 654 votes; Treasurer Chris Fothergill earned 653 votes; and Teresa Williams earned 729 votes; Supervisor of the Checklist Sandy Cools earned 614 votes; and Assessor Arlene Fogg earned 620 votes.

On the town warrant, all articles passes except for Article 15, which requested $11,000 to prepare a historical and cultural chapter of the Master Plan. This item was narrowly defeated by a 355 yes to 396 no vote.

In zoning ordinance related articles, voters approved amendments adding home based contractor yards as a permitted use by a vote of 480-267; residents voted 593 to 169 in favor amending car wash as a permitted use in specific zoning districts; residents voted 436 to 248 to remove language on the Route 16 corridor from the ordinance; and finally voted 477 to 239 to modify language to the personal wireless service facilities to changing the maximum height of the ground mounted facility and adding a requirement to the procedure.

Voters also supported funded warrant articles, especially those that were public safety or technology related. Here's a roundup of dollar amounts, articles and vote tallies:

Article 6, $50,000 for the ambulance capital reserve fund, 488 yes, 281 no;

Article 7, $10,000 for the bridge construction capital reserve fund, 528 yes 239 no;

Article 8, $25,000 for the fire truck capital reserve fund, 458 yes, 313 no;

Article 9, $30,000 for the police cruiser capital reserve fund, 426 yes 345 no;

Article 10, $10,000 for the technology capital reserve fund, 398 yes, 361 no;

Article 11, $2,000 to establish a capital reserve fund for emergency management, 433 to 325;

Article 12, a zeroed out item that initially sought matching funds for a sidewalk project that the town couldn't afford anyway, passed 565 to 175;

Article 13 pertained to a change in purpose to the fire truck capital reserve fund, passed 449 to 300;

Article 14 set aside $35,945 to purchase a fast response command vehicle for the fire department, 398 yes votes to 354 no votes;

Article 15, a request for $11,000, $6,600 of which was expected to be awarded via a grant, with $4,400 out of taxation, failed by a vote of 396 no to 355 yes;

Article 18, to establish a revolving fund for special police details, passed by a vote of 379 to 376;

Article 19, to establish a revolving fund for the cable access channel, passed by a vote of 378 to 368;

Article 20, to establish a drug forfeiture account for the purpose of expenses related to drug enforcement activities, passed by a vote of 457 to 295;

Article 21, to establish a town forest on Pray Hill Road, passed by a vote of 483 to 259;

Article 22, to see if the town will approve a resolution asking the state Legislature to allow the New Hampshire citizens to vote on an amendment to the state constitution that defines "marriage," passed by a vote of 504 to 242.

Article 23, requesting $4,102,717 for the town budget, passed by a vote of 460 to 291.

In Wakefield School District Warrant Articles, voters approved all funded articles including the total budget of $8,474,299 by a vote of 543 to 212, and $814,797 for the School Administrative Unit budget by vote of 499 to 253. Voters also approved the funding for the teacher and staff contracts by a vote of 403 to 353, and funding for the paraprofessionals contract by a vote of 393 to 342. Voters also approved by a 558 to 173 vote a $70,100 request for roof repair at the Paul School, and also approved funds for obtaining and repairing vehicles for student transportation ($25,000).

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