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Kathy Grillo defeats Gordon Preston in Barnstead race

Kerr, LaRoche take three-year selectmen's seats; Preston and Landry returned to school board

A SEA of campaign signs and smiling candidates’ faces greeted residents who turned out at Barnstead’s Town Hall Tuesday morning to cast their votes in the annual town election. Brendan Berube. (click for larger version)
March 10, 2010
BARNSTEAD — Kathy Grillo will assume her late husband Phil's seat on Barnstead's Board of Selectmen after defeating incumbent Gordon Preston in Tuesday's town election.

With 703 registered voters casting ballots Tuesday out of a total of 3,367, Grillo soundly beat Preston, tallying 372 votes (more than any other candidate vying for a contested seat), while Preston garnered 292.

Incumbent Dave Kerr was returned to the board of selectmen for another three-year term, with 255 votes. He will be joined by Bob LaRoche, who garnered 289 votes, while Brian White tallied 138; David Brown 92; Justin Ferland 34; Bruce Grey 136; Theresa Grow 212; and Vinnie "V.J." Lupoli 43.

In the only other contested race on this year's town ballot, for a pair of three-year seats on the planning board, incumbents Dave Murley (with 356 votes) and Mike Kowalski (with 277 votes) edged out challengers Donald Frank Grow (258) and Lupoli (146).

Cynthia Treadwell was returned to another three-year term as Town Clerk with 624 votes, while Jeannie Terry won election to a six-year term as a supervisor of the checklist with 613 votes.

Denise Adjutant won election to a three-year term as a trustee of the trust funds with 555 votes, while Bruce Marriott was re-elected to a three-year term on the board of library trustees with 561 votes.

Brian White (with 463 votes) and Paul Landry (with 478) were re-elected to three-year terms on the budget committee, and Elaine Swinford was returned to a one-year position as Overseer of Public Welfare with 545 votes.

In the final race on the town ballot, incumbent Bill Gosse (whose name was inadvertently left off the ballot) won re-election, as a write-in, to a two-year term as town moderator with 200 votes.

Ballot questions

With the town's ballot counting machine making errors early in the day, casting doubt on whether or not two ballots were properly counted, the final vote on ballot question #4 (which asked voters to adopt a series of revisions to the town's sign ordinance) was still in question at press time Tuesday night.

With the final tally on Question 4 coming at 320 in favor and 321 against, Gosse felt that the margin of error due to mechanical problems was too questionable to declare whether the amendments had passed or failed.

Gosse has contacted the Secretary of State's office, and will work with them to resolve the issue.

Question one, which asked voters to change the purpose of Suburban Districts, passed by a margin of 387-243.

Question two, a proposal to delete "cottage industry" from the table of permitted uses due to lack of an adequate definition, also passed, with 387 in favor and 257 against.

Question three, a proposal to augment the definition of a non-conforming use included in the town's shoreland protection ordinance, passed by a margin of 397-241.

Question five, a proposal to amend a section of the zoning ordinance dealing with temporary manufactured housing, passed by a margin of 338-285.

Question six, an amendment to Article 4 of the zoning ordinance aimed at allowing one-bedroom accessory dwelling units, passed by a margin of 392-250.

Question seven, a proposal to add several new terms to the list of definitions included in the ordinance, passed with 385 in favor and 247 against.

Question eight, a proposal to allow a single-family dwelling unit and a one-bedroom accessory dwelling unit on the same lot (provided the lot conforms to the requirements of Article 4) passed by a margin of 407-235.

Question nine, an amendment pertaining to accessory dwelling units and duplexes, passed by a margin of 385-251.

A ballot question asking voters to decrease the number of selectmen from five to three failed, with only 232 in favor and 428 against.

School district results

The 701 voters who cast ballots in Tuesday's school district election returned incumbents Kathy Preston (who garnered 339 votes) and Eunice Landry (who tallied 322) to a pair of three-year terms on the school board, while challenger Joyce Parsons claimed 123 votes; David Brown 190; Francis Conti 103; and Deanna Feinberg 126.

Vernon "Chris" Hipkiss won re-election to a one-year term as district moderator with 597 votes, while Anna Williams re-claimed a one-year term as district clerk with 561 votes.

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