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New boat trailer regulations to be enforced this spring

February 24, 2010
As of Jan. 27, the Board of Selectmen has agreed to regulate boat trailer parking on Varney Point Road next to the town ice rink and will eliminate the use of parking for non-residents.

Residents and Gilford taxpayers will have the chance to park their boat trailers on Varney Point for an annual $25 fee and will no longer have to compete with non-residents for parking spaces that are already limited to about 50 on the town property.

"One of the primary reasons for these new rules was to prevent residents and taxpayers from having to compete with non-residents for the limited number of trailer parking spaces that are available," stated Selectmen Chair Gus Benavides.

Within the last two years, there have also been noted problems with abandoned, unregistered trailers parked at the site. Town Administrator Scott Dunn said he expects the new regulations will get rid of abandoned trailers once and for all. Otherwise, any parked trailer without a permit will be towed away.

"The last draw was having a trailer abandoned there again this year, and not knowing who is using the facilities," said Dunn. "We also don't want the taxpayers to compete with non-residents. Instead of just anyone using it, it will be reserved for taxpayers."

Dunn said this will eliminate the "mysterious" congestion of trailers that fill up spots on Varney Point come Memorial Day. He added that the Board of Selectmen plans to put the regulations into action as soon as possible, and will closely monitor the process this year.

"This will be our first year regulating. The board will see how it goes this year," said Dunn.

Although a few residents have complained about the new $25 fee, Dunn said the selectmen have received positive feedback as well, since the new regulations are meant to make nearby facilities more accessible to residents and taxpayers.

A lottery drawing will be held on April 1 if more than 62 applications are sent in for obtaining a 2010 boat trailer parking permit, said Dunn. Parking will be permitted May 1-Nov. 30. Those interested in obtaining a permit for this year will be encouraged to enter into the drawing for one of the 62 spaces by Varney Point Road, 12 of which will be located by the town recycling center off of Kimball Road.

A complete copy of regulations and the application form is currently available at the town hall or on the town Web site, www.gilfordnh.org.

Martin Lord Osman
Brewster Academy
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